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Use this online TIFF converter through which one can convert files to and from TIFF image files within a matter of seconds. No registration process involves converting TIF files as this online TIFF file converter proceeds with TIFF conversions directly.

What is Tiff format?

A TIFF file is referred to as a graphic container in which you can store raster images in the Tagged Image File Format. You can find that it is packed with high-quality graphics that support color depths from 1 to 24-bit and supports lossless as well as lossy compression. Moreover, TIFF graphic files support multiple layers and pages.

History of TIFF file type:

In the mid-1980s, the Aldus Corporation released the TIFF file format as a standard image format - that specifically works best for saving high-quality color images on multiple computer platforms. Although it is used widely, the JPEG raster image format surpassed it over the years since it has been more web-friendly. 

For editing and printing concerns, graphic designers and professional printers most probably save digital photos and graphics in the TIFF format. You can find that they may save the images as TIFF or .TIF files. You can even export any image file format as TIFF format with this free TIFF converter online. However, you a file can convert to TIFF image file with the help of an online TIF converter. 

Key-Point: In 1994, Aldus Corporation merged with Adobe Systems.

How to Convert TIFF File?

You can fetch several image viewers and editors such as MS Photos, Apple Preview, CorelDraw Graphics Suite, and an online TIFF converter to perform TIFF file conversions.

For instance, you can easily convert TIFF images to the following formats with the assistance of this Microsoft Photos:

How to Open a TIFF File?

These are the weirdly used programs that use to open or reference TIFF files:

For Windows:

For Mac:

For Web:

For Android:

You can even open .tiff files by simply converting them into easy to regular file format with the help of a TIFF file converter.

What are TIFFs Used For?

TIFF image format is becoming popular across different industries such as design, photography, and desktop publishing. TIFF images can be used for:

How does Tiff Converter Work? 

A free TIFF files converter is indicated as a simple and swift way to proceed with TIF file conversions. Just follow the steps to convert file to and from TIFF files:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:


Can I convert multiple files to Tiff?

Whether you want to convert multiple files to and from tiffs, our online TIFF converter lets allow you to perform multiple (batch) conversions instantly.

How long does it take to Convert Tiff?

Our converter for TIFF format requires a couple of seconds to perform conversions.

Is it safe to Convert to a Tiff file using a free Tiff Converter?

Sure! Once the conversion process has been completed, your files are deleted automatically from the server.

What browser should I use to Convert Tiff?

You can use any operating device to perform conversions that have a modern web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari.

How do I convert a TIFF file on Windows?

  1. At first, you have to locate the image file that you need to convert
  2. Make a right-click on the image file
  3. Then, choose the “edit” option or simply choose “open with” > “paint”
  4. In the paint image, make a right-click on the “file” menu and hit “save as”
  5. In the given dropdown menu, choose TIFF
  6. Finally, you ought to name file and choose your desired location