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TIFF To BMP Converter

An online Tiff to Bmp converter is basically designed to turn tiff files into BMP image files immediately.

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Turn Tiff into BMP Rapidly

Just upload your tiff file into the converter box to get a converted BMP(Bitmap) image. Our online converter is a fast and reliable way for conversions.

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Save Tif as Bmp Safely

Our online tiff to bitmap converter is totally safe as we deleted TIFF as well as BMP files after the conversion process is terminated.

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Convert Tiff to BMP Freely

This tiff file to Bmp converter is 100% free that allows you to save tif as BMP(bitmap) files with no limitations.

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Table of Content

Why convert tiff image to Bmp files?

No doubt, Tiff is the well-known and widely used file format for sharing concerns. But sometimes you need to convert Tiff files into the Bmp. A bitmap is a type of image file that is typically used by graphic designers and photographers. This is particularly useful when working with photographs or when you want to create images that look real. However, the Bmp file also gives you access to a wide range of colors for rich color transitions without losing image quality. Therefore, If you want to turn Tiff files into a high-quality digital image, it is important to convert them into BMP (Bitmap) files with an online Tiff to Bmp converter free.

How to Convert Tiff to BMP online? 

Use our online Tiff to BMP converter to turn Tiff files into BMP (Bitmap) image files without losing quality. We have three simple steps to save Tif as BMP:

Step 1:

  • Upload or drag your Tiff file into the designated box of tif to bmp converter

Step 2:

  • Now, click “Convert” to start the process of Tiff to Bitmap

Step 3:

  • After that, you can download your BMP file and save it. 


Can I convert TIFF to BMP in bulk?

Yes, our online converter supports batch conversion for multiple TIFFs to BMPs while keeping the quality high. You can even make conversions through image URL’s for ease. 

How long does it take to convert TIFF to BMP?

Once you drag your image file into the online converter, the conversion proceeds in less than a minute. 

Can I convert tiff to ppm without software installation? 

Absolutely, this online Tif to Bmp Converter does not require any installation for proceeding with the conversions from tiff files to Bmp (bitmap). Also, this converter lets you work on a computer, Linux, Mac OS, or Android and all smart devices.