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An online TIFF to EPS converter is highly recommended for converting TIFF raster images to EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) vector images. Turn TIFF into JPG with this simplistic interface tool!

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Your files are not stored and able to access able to third-parties, once your files converted from TIFF to EPS, they will be deleted permanently from the server.

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Absolutely free to use TIFF to EPS online converter and even ensures you the quality conversions without any limitations.  

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Table of Content

Why Convert TIFF to EPS?

When comparing the features of TIFF and EPS formats, it becomes clear that they both have a lot of similarities. You only notice at some places where they’re differing, however, are in the customizability features. The EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) file is much more capable if you work on different graphics resizing and editing projects. Graphics professional uses a free TIFF to EPS converter online for their projects concern that enables to change TIFF to JPG images.

How to Convert TIFF to EPS Online?

TIFF to EPS converter by theonlineconverter is free for Windows, Mac, Linux that helps you to change TIFF images to EPS vector images. Follow these steps right now to save TIFF as EPS file:

Step 1:

  • Directly upload single or multiple TIFF image files into the given box, also get the opportunity of dragging and dropping files here

Step 2:

  • Press the “Convert” button 

Step 3:

  • Save the new generated EPS vector image files by pressing the “Download” or “Download All” tab


How to convert TIFF to EPS in Photoshop?

  • Open Adobe Illustrator on your PC for first
  • In Illustrator, click and "Open" to open a TIFF raster image file
  • Click the “File” option right now, and just choose the option “Save A”
  • Now, you need to choose “EPS (*.eps)" in the “Save as type” box
  • Finally, tap on the “Save” button to save the TIFF raster image in the vector EPS format

How to convert TIFF to EPS using GIMP?

  • For first, you have to open a TIFF image in GIMP
  • Now, you can view and edit the source image as per your requirements
  • Then, hit the File menu > Export As button and then choose “EPS” as the output format to just convert the input TIFF image. Here, you will get the opportunity to customize the PostScript level, image size, rotation, and certain other parameters. 

If you already used TIFF raster images or EPS vector images extensively, your better have an idea about the unique features each contains. However, they come with some limitations. Well, when this affects your graphic representations, it might be time for a change. So, get the ease of free conversions right now by using this online TIFF to EPS converter.