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Convert your TIFF files to SVG vector format without compromising over the quality of the images by using this online TIFF to SVG converter. Get this tool to make smooth transformation from TIFF into SVG file for free.

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Turn Tiff into SVG Swiftly

This converter is not a complicated source to convert TIF to SVG, it is the best and fast way to convert tiff files into svg within a couple of times.

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Save tif as SVG Securely

We make sure that your files (images) are never ever shared with third parties or anyone. We use smart algorithms for security concerns in tiff to vector SVG file.

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Tif to SVG converter for Free

Converting tiff to vector svg is 100% free with this converter and it works best for both professionals/laymen. To convert tiff to vector svg, you do not require technical skills.

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An online TIFF to SVG converter allows you to turn Tiff files into SVG vector graphic files freely without any quality degradation.

Why Convert Tiff to Vector SVG?

A Tif or Tiff (Tag Image File Format) is indicated as a well-known computer file type that is specifically used to store raster images and graphic information. But if you want to work with image vectorization, then it’s best to work turn tif into vector SVG images with the help of our online tif file to SVG converter. 

How to Convert TIFF to SVG Online?

Converting tiff to svg is simple with this Tif to Svg converter, just follow the steps:

Step 1:

  • First of all, upload your Tiff file on the toolbox of an online converter. In this tool, you can upload more than one file for multiple files conversion

Step 2:

  • Click on the “Convert” button and wait for the process of image conversion

Step 3:

  • When your SVG files are downloaded, now click on the” Download” button and save the files


Is tiff a vector file? 

Generally, TIF(or TIFF) is a raster file, has no loss in quality, and is primarily used for images in printing. 

Can I convert TIF to SVG on Linux, Mac OS, or Android?

Tiff to Svg Converter is an online tool that converts tiff to svg on Linux, Mac OS, or Android.

Can I convert multiple tiff files to vector SVG files?

Yes, you can convert multiple tiff images to vector SVG’s through this online tool.