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This TIFF to PSD converter seamlessly converts TIFF image files into editable PSD format, retaining image quality and facilitating quick conversions. Create a Photoshop Document file from the existing TIFF right now with this online tool.

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No need to worry as this online converter lets you process the fastest conversions from TIFF to PSD, upload TIFF and make a single click to save it as PSD.

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We ensure that your files are completely secured. Once your files are transformed from TIFF into PSD, they will be permanently deleted from the server.

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Table of Content

TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)

TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) is a widely used file format for storing high-quality images and graphics. It supports various color depths and can store both raster and vector images, making it suitable for photographs, artwork, and scanned documents. TIFF files can be uncompressed or use lossless compression, preserving image quality while allowing for detailed editing. Due to its versatility and ability to handle large amounts of data, TIFF is a common choice in industries such as photography, printing, and graphic design.

PSD (Photoshop Document)

PSD files, or Photoshop Document files, are a proprietary format used by Adobe Photoshop for storing layered images and design projects. PSD files retain individual layers, allowing for easy editing and manipulation of elements such as text, graphics, and effects. They are commonly used in graphic design, web design, and digital artwork to preserve intricate design details and facilitate flexible editing.

How to convert TIFF to PSD online?

  • Upload your TIFF file for conversion by clicking the "+Select Files" button or drag and drop it
  • After the TIFF file is uploaded, click on the "Convert" button.
  • At last, save your converted PSD file by clicking the "Download" button.


Why would I need to convert TIFF to PSD?

Converting TIFF to PSD can be useful when you want to edit and work on the image in Adobe Photoshop, as PSD files retain layers and editable elements, allowing for more flexible editing.

Do I need special skills to use this online converter?

No, this TIFF to PSD converter is designed to be user-friendly, requiring no technical skills. Simply upload your TIFF file, follow the steps, and download the converted PSD file.

Can I use this TIFF to PSD converter on Mac?

Yes, this online converter is fully accessible from a variety of devices, including computers (windows/Mac), tablets, and smartphones. Make sure you have a stable internet connection.

Does this online converter support Batch conversion?

Yes, this online converter supports batch conversion, allowing its users to upload multiple TIFF files and convert them into PSD simultaneously.