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This online PSD to TIFF converter is fairly best and convenient for converting your PSD (Photoshop Document) image files without sacrificing the quality. 

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This converter helps you to save PSD as TIFF within seconds without any hassle, it required, drag & drop and download your converted file. 

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Calm down while converting your PSD images to TIFF images as your files are fully secured and no unwanted parties get access to your files. 

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Why Convert PSD to TIFF?

The PSD file type is indicated as an ideal vector image format for professional documents, which need to be securely shared with specific users. However, the time may arrive when it becomes incompatible. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit most formats when uploading it. Even also it is not a versatile image file. When constructing a webpage, PSD is apparent. This is where converting PSD to TIFF makes points!

TIFF files are better at size management as they are high at shrinking in size easily. Also, the metadata contained inside a TIFF image file is really unique and can be able to solve a lot of issues that depending on the type of work being done with the image file. 

How to Convert PSD to TIFF Online?

An online PSD to TIFF converter is convenient to use that requires only a few numbers of clicks for this conversion, let’s find:

Step 1:

  • Just upload or select and drop one or more original PSD files into toolbox

Step 2:

  • Press the “Convert” Button and start the countdown few digits

Step 3:

  • Press the “Download” button, you be able to download all files or individually even if the converted more than one PSD to TIFF 


How to convert PSD to TIFF?

You can easily save PSD as TIFF through the Adobe Photoshop software, here is how:

  • First, you have to open the PSD (Photoshop Document) image file, which you wish to convert using Photoshop
  • Now, under “file” you have to choose “save as”
  • Then, in the format menu selection, you just have to choose TIFF
  • Now, you have a TIFF raster image version of your original PSD file

Can I convert PSD to TIFF on Mac OS or Linux?

Yes, you can! Our PSD to TIFF converter supports compatibility for converting Photoshop Document image files to TIFF image files on all operating systems and smartphones. 

The PSD (Photoshop Document) files are best for editing graphics. Even though a PSD is shareable, but it has limitations in this sense. This is where a TIFF image file becomes superior.