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Using an online TGA to SVG converter is the best choice for converting TGA file to SVG vector image format. You don't need to sign up to process conversions from TGA to SVG vector format.

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This TGA to SVG converter delivers fast and precise conversions from TGA into SVG format. Just upload TGA images, convert it, and download it in SVG.

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Our online tool ensures that your TGA to SVG conversions are fully secure; all files will be deleted from our servers after the conversion.

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You can now easily convert your TGA files into SVG format for free, even without the need for registration or installation by using this online converter.

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TGA (Truevision Graphics Adapter)

The TGA (Truevision Graphics Adapter) format, commonly referred to as Truevision Targa Graphic, is a versatile raster graphics file format primarily used for image storage in various computer graphics and video editing applications. TGA files support both compressed and uncompressed image data and offer flexibility in accommodating different color depths. TGA files are popular in industries like video games, graphic design, and video editing. They are great for tasks like 3D texture mapping, making transparent images, and storing colorful graphics. They are easily recognized by their ".tga" file extension.

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)

The SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format is a versatile and XML-based vector image file format used to represent two-dimensional graphics. Unlike raster image formats, SVGs store graphics as a collection of shapes, lines, and curves defined by mathematical equations rather than fixed pixels. This scalability ensures that SVG images can be resized without loss of quality, making them ideal for responsive web design, icons, logos, and illustrations. Additionally, SVGs support interactivity and animation, allowing for dynamic and engaging web content. They are widely used in web development and graphic design due to their ability to provide sharp and resizable graphics across various screen sizes and resolutions.

How To Convert TGA to SVG online?

  • Add the TGA image into the designated toolbox.
  • Click Convert. 
  • Download and TGA as SVG file immediately.


Why convert TGA to SVG?

Converting TGA files to SVG is beneficial primarily for scalability and editability. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) allows images to be resized without quality loss, crucial for responsive web design. Additionally, SVGs are easily editable, making modifications and customizations simple. These benefits make SVG a preferred format for web graphics and design projects.

Can I use this TGA to SVG converter on Mac?

Yes, you can use this converter on Mac, Windows, and Linux for swift conversions. Besides that, it is highly compatible with all smart devices.

Can I perform bulk conversion with this online tool?

Yes, you can perform bulk conversions at once, it lets you upload multiple TGA files and convert them into SVG format simultaneously.

Can I convert SVG files back to TGA if needed?

Yes, you can convert SVG files back to TGA if needed, thanks to the dedicated SVG to TGA converter provided by