PDF To AI Converter

PDF To AI Converter

An online PDF to AI converter is created to provide you the best possible conversions from PDF files to AI (Adobe Illustrator) image files. Turn PDF into AI without downloading additional software. 

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Fast Conversions

Get the single or multiple PDF files that you wish to convert into AI (Adobe Illustrator) vector image files, it provides instant conversions for single or even multiple PDFs. 

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Protected Files

Our PDF to Adobe Illustrator converter does not store your files as we respect the privacy of your files (our cloud-dependent server deletes your files after conversion).

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Free to Use

No need to worry now since the best converter is free to use for everyone, no limitation and we never ask you to add email or for any registration process. 

Why Convert PDF to AI?

No doubt, PDF files are best sometimes lead to unexpected phase; it all depends on the type of project that you are working on. PDF is said to be an ideal file type if you don’t require anything within a file to be altered or edited in any way. So, if you need a file that you can easily edit, then you should have to convert your PDF. The AI (Adobe Illustrator Artwork file) comes with a lot of different functionality that that PDF file doesn’t. The upside is that AI includes a variety of editing features. Well, it could possible to turn PDF to AI precisely by using a free PDF to AI converter online. 

How to Convert PDF to AI Online?

Converting PDF to AI vector image files is quite complicated as you need to additional software, but thanks to an online PDF to AI converter that converts in a matter of seconds. Let’s find how:

Step 1:

  • Click anywhere inside the toolbox to add single or multiple PDF’s at once for converting PDF to AI, or even can add by dragging and dropping in the same box

Step 2:

  • Under the toolbox of this converter, you can see the “Convert” button, press now it to start the process

Step 3:

  • Once this tool converts PDF files to AI files, pressing the “Download” or “Download All” button to save PDF as AI at once


How to convert PDF to AI in Illustrator?

  • Use the Adobe Illustrator program to change PDF to AI Adobe vector image right now: 
  • Open Adobe Illustrator, choose the “File” menu
  • Now, choose the “Open”, then all you ought to locate the required PDF document file 
  • There, you will be able to save PDF as AI vector image file
  • To finish the PDF to AI conversion, simply choose the “File” menu and tap on “Save”

How to Edit PDF in Adobe Illustrator?

  • First, open PDF file in Adobe
  • Next, select “Edit PDF” from the right-hand panel
  • Then, choose the vector artwork that you’d like to change
  • Now, Right- (or control-) click and begin your editing processing using Adobe Illustrator
  • Right after, you just have to make changes to the graphic without changing anything else
  • Then, save your changes right now
  • Finally, confirm your changes in your open Acrobat document, that’s solved

When you working with a project that requires different files to be mass-edited, the PDF files lead to daunting issues than it will assist. If this is the case, AI is a great alternative. So, make use of this online PDF to AI converter right now and turn PDF into quality Adobe Illustrator (AI).