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This free PSD to AI converter helps you to transform PSD (Photoshop Document) to AI (Adobe Illustrator) vector file online. Make handy conversions from PSD to AI with this online converter.  

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PSD to AI conversions is no time consuming more, by making drag & drop of PSD, the tool will turn PSD into AI vector image right now!

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Converting PSD to AI files is fully secure due to the strong SSL encryption, which used by this online converter.

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Free and even this easy-to-use converter helps in converting your PSD raster image file to AI (Adobe Illustrator) vector graphic image free of cost. 

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Table of Content

The PSD (Photoshop) document has loads of editing potential, but this file format doesn’t fit the needs of a company. When businesses require developing the projects using unique tools, then it’s ideal to use AI (Adobe Illustrator) format. In such a case, it’s immensely important to learn how to change PSD to AI. Read on to know about the simple steps that help you to save PSD to Ai. 

Why Convert PSD to AI?

The PSD file format is highly editable and even capable of being molded into certain convenient graphic purposes. However, the time comes when an individual required several things out of their image file types. Usually, converting it into an .AI file based on if the graphic will take place in a business setting. Note that a change into AI files makes a lot of sense if the editing and final result are enterprise-based!

The PSD image file is referred to as an amazing file for extensive editing. However, PDSs don’t work well if you creating brand images. When it comes to making enterprise logos and advertisements, you will require something advanced like AI. Well, using an online PDF to AI converter ensures you the quality conversions from .PSD to .AI. 

How to Convert PSD to AI Online?

A PSD to AI converter online is great for quickly converting from PSD “Photoshop Document” to quality  AI (Adobe Illustrator) file, respective conversion is only three steps away:

Step 1:

  • First, you ought to add or drag and drop the original PSD file to the drop-down zone

Step 2:

  • Now, to start the PSD to AI converting process, press “Convert”

Step 3:

  • Now you can open and save PSD as AI by simple pressing a “Download” button


How to convert psd to ai without illustrator?

Apart from the illustrator, you can easily convert PSD to AI vector images with the assistance of PSD to AI online converter. 

Can I convert PSD to AI on Mac OS or Linux?

Our PSD to AI converter works online and efficiently supports every OS (Operating System) that uses modern web-browser like “Chrome, Opera, Safari, Mozilla, etc.

Note that Adobe Illustrator is very specific to business graphics. Even though you can find that PSD can manipulate graphics in certain ways, but it lacks the niche editing the AI extension can handle. 
The AI (Adobe Illustrator) image file is very specific to business graphics. Although the PSD can assist to manipulate graphics in a lot of ways, it lacks the niche editing the AI can handle.