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This free JPG to EPS converter online helps you to change your JPG image to EPS vector file format effortlessly. You just need to follow couple of steps to save image as EPS format.

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Our converter provides you with high-speed image conversions with no restrictions on the size as well as on the number of uploaded files. 

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The uploaded & downloaded files will immediately delete after the conversion is completed. So, no files are stored after conversion is done.

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Our converter is 100% free to convert JPG to EPS vector image, we always provide you with quick conversion and even high-quality results with the given parameters. 

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Why Convert JPG to EPS?

No doubt, the JPG image file is highly accessible, small in size, and simplistic. Apart from these all benefits, it’s not a perfect format for every situation. However, sometimes being basic is helpful, but other times it’s indicating as a limitation. When this is the situation, moving to a complicated file type makes the most sense. If this is the case, the EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) image file format gives users a more detailed format to explore and potentially edit. The most obvious reason users need the .EPS extension file is when they want to import an image into a print project. Additionally, vector EPS images can store text and images. It is noted that JPEG to EPS conversions provides images with better qualities and files that come with text information alongside the image. However, our online JPEG to EPS converter helps you to turn JPEG into EPS without affecting the image resolution.

How to Convert JPG to EPS Online?

The online JPG to EPS converter is the most direct and easy way to save a JPG as an EPS image file format. You can give a try to our converter, which requires no installation before you, change unlimited images to EPS vector image files with these steps:

Step 1:

  • Drag/drop or simply upload your JPG image that you aim to convert into EPS. If you have multiple JPG and need to convert them into EPS, the tool will work best to do so.

Step 2:

  • Press a “Convert” button and let the JPEG to EPS converter do its best to provide you the converted file

Step 3:

  • Download your converted EPS image files now by tapping the “Download” button


How to Convert JPG to EPS Vector Format in Adobe Illustrator?

  • First of all, run the Adobe Illustrator, tap Open to import the JPG image file
  • Once the JPG image file is imported, move to the Window>Image Trace
  • In the Image Trace panel, you could choose the High Fidelity Photo as Preset. All you have to make each individual setting and preview the result to customize your EPS vector image output
  • Once done, move to File>Save As
  • Now, you just have to choose EPS as output. Finally, your JPG image is saved as EPS vector File format by using Adobe Illustrator

How to Convert JPEG to EPS in Adobe Photoshop?

  • First, you have to Open a JPG image file with Adobe Photoshop
  • Then, Go to the File>Save as
  • Very next, you have to choose the EPS as the output and click Save
  • In the EPS option panel, you ought to configure the settings per your needs and make a click on OK to export JPG as EPS vector image format in Adobe Photoshop

Well, you can find that people often use EPS format just due to the immense resize potential it contains. Thanks to our online JPG to EPS converter that smartly converts JPG image to EPS vector image format within no time.