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An online AI to DDS converter lets you convert AI files to DDS(DirectDraw surface) format without requiring you to go through any signup process.

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Convert AI Files to DDS Quickly

This online converter lets you achieve fast and high-quality AI files to DDS conversions. It just takes a blink of an eye to turn AI into DDS.

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Save AI files as DDS Securely

No need to worry about the security of your files. As our online AI to DDS converter removes all the files after processing the conversion.

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Turn AI files to DDS for Free

Easily convert your AI files to DDS through this free converter. No matter how many conversions you perform, it never asks you to pay any cost.

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Table of Content

AI (Adobe Illustrator):

AI is the short form of Adobe Illustrator which is the file format that is used for vector images. A vector file never loses the resolution when scaled according to the need. It is used to create drawings, logos and illustrations.

DDS (DirectDraw surface):

DDS is a raster image container format that was developed for storing compressed and uncompressed (DXTn) textures. It supports various types of data such as single layer, cube maps, textures with mipmaps, volume maps etc. This makes it possible for the DDS format to store the video game textures.

How to convert AI to DDS Online?

  • First of all, upload the AI files that you want to convert from the device storage, Google Drive or the URL.  
  • Once the files are uploaded, move the cursor and click on the “convert” button and let the conversion happen. 
  • Now, click on the “download all” button to export all the converted files at once.


Why Convert AI to DDS?

Converting the AI format to DDS is very beneficial for graphic designers. Because by converting the AI files to DDS they can make their files more accessible and secure. This is one of the most vital reasons why graphic designers tend to convert AI files to DDS.

Can I Convert AI on Mac OS, Windows or Linux?

Yes, use our online AI to DDS converter for the seamless conversion of AI files on all operating systems. This free platform independent tool can be accessed through any browser for performing the conversion. 

How to convert Adobe Illustrator to DDS without having to install any software?

For this, open your browser and access a free online AI to DDS converter. You can find that it will enable you to convert your AI files without requiring you to install any additional program.

How can I batch-convert AI to DDS?

Get the help of our Adobe Illustrator to DDS converter because it has the ability to convert multiple AI files to DDS (DirectDraw surface) format at once.