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An online JPG to DDS converter designed to convert JPG raster images to DDS (DirectDraw Surface) files while preserving the original quality.

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Table of Content

Why Convert JPEG to DDS (DirectDraw Surface)?

JPG is indicated as a digital image format that consists of compressed image data. The small size of JPG or JPEG lets you store thousands of images in very small memory space. While DDS (DirectDraw Surface) is a raster image type that is used by Microsoft DirectX to swiftly store textures and environments. However, DDS assists you in storing both compressed and uncompressed pixel formats. But, when need to store Windows desktop backgrounds or wallpapers, and even also texture video game unit models, then it’s better to use DDS instead of regular JPG file type. Also, this is where JPG to DirectDraw Surface conversions take place. So, to get the ease of converting, make free use of our best JPEG to DDS converter right now.

How to Convert JPG to DDS Online?

You can use this JPG to DDS converter that offers only three simple steps to convert JPG image to DDS (Direct Draw Surface) files successfully.

Step 1:

  • Upload JPG image file into the toolbox, which you need to convert into DDS

Step 2:

  • Press the Convert button to turn JPG into DDS

Step 3:

  • Hit the Download button. Once the image file is downloaded, save JPG as DDS on your system storage

Also, this batch JPEG to DDS converter allows you to convert single or multiple (batch) JPEG images to DDS for free.


How do I save an image in DDS?

You can easily save images in the DDS file by using the “.dds” file extension. You just need to choose the Export As option from the given File menu and just set the file name and extension to save an image as a DDS file. Or, you can simply select the DDS file type by simply expanding the Select File Type option that is provided at the bottom of the Export As window. You can see that it will provide you with the list of the entire supported image format in Gimp. There a verification dialog window appears, just hit the OK to continue.

You could also use JPG to DDS converter in order to save JPG image as DDS file format without any quality loss. 

How do I create a DDS file?

You could now consider the data description specifications (DDS) to create a file.

These steps help in creating a file using DDS (Direct Draw Surface):

  • At first, you need to complete the DDS form
  • Now, you have to type the source statements into a source file. Bear in mind that the source file can be parts of the IBM® i database or even it can be on diskettes
  • Finally, use the appropriate control language (CL) command you have to create the file 

Can blender open DDS?

Yes, Blender does open .dds extension files, though currently, the Cycles comes with a bug in 2.79 where you can find that some .dds textures can’t be seen in the rendered viewport or show a pink texture in the final image.

But, quit worrying as this can easily be solved by transforming the image to another format, like PNG format. 

Can I convert JPEG to DDS on Mac, Windows, or Linux?

Yes, an online JPG to DDS converter by is only required a couple of steps (above-mentioned) to turn JPEG into DDS on any operating system.