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An online JPG to TGA converter is taken into account by users to convert JPG images to quality TGA (TARGA) images. This tool is secure, reliable, and fast to turn JPG into TGA.

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Save JPEG as TGA Quickly

You can rapidly convert single or multiple JPEG files to TGA files and download entire converted files after conversion by using this online converter.

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JPG Image to TGA Securely

We highly ensure you that the uploaded along with downloaded JPG images are secure since we removed them permanently after conversions. 

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Turn JPEG Into TGA Free

Now, you can convert single or bulk JPG images file to TGA (TARGA) images absolutely for free, with no registration or nor personal details require for a particular process.

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Why Convert JPG to TGA?

No doubt that both JPG and TGA (TARGA) or Truevision Advanced Raster Graphics Adapter files offer lossless compressions. But, the TGA file provides the best lossless compression to store raw and high-quality images relatively smaller file size. You can that TGA files typically used in the field of CG to make icons, cartoons, line drawings, etc. Well, there’s no need to hire professionals to turn JPG into TGA files, just give a right try to our JPEG to TGA converter online. 

How to Convert JPG to TGA Online?

This advanced online JPG to TGA converter is the free support to convert JPG files to TGA files while preserving the original formatting. How it works:

Step 1:

  • You can see the toolbox at the top of this page, upload or choose and drop your JPG file on JPEG to TGA converter

Step 2:

  • You can find the “Convert” button below the same toolbox, press it now to change JPG to TGA

Step 3:

  • Finally, you can swiftly download a TGA (TARGA) converted image by pressing the “Download” button


How to convert JPEG to TGA with Adobe Photoshop?

If you already have installed Adobe Photoshop you can easily change JPG to TARGA image with it:

  • Get ready and open Adobe Photoshop
  • There you can see a File>Save As option, click it
  • There you have to choose TGA (TARGA) file as an output format
  • Let’s finalized the process by clicking on the “Save” button to save JPG as TGA and further adjust the settings for the TGA output

Can I convert JPG image to TGA on Mac OS or Linux or Windows?

You can easily convert JPG images to TGA images online! You need nothing, but a modern web browser along with our online JPG to TGA converter for such conversions. 

When it comes to reflections, there is a clear difference between JPG and TGA (TARGA). TGA image files come with better proportions when it comes to texture data for reflections. Replacing JPG with TGA will make sense as it will give your materials better quality as far as reflections.