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An online SVG to EPS converter is well-known for converting Scalable Vector Graphics file (SVG) to Encapsulated PostScript file format (EPS). Change SVG to EPS within simple steps and free!

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Instantly and precisely turn SVG to EPS vector image by using our online converter right now, drag & drop and press convert to get quick conversions. 

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File protection is one of the prior reasons when you converting any files, thanks to this advanced tool that ensure secure conversion due to its advanced algorithm. 

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Simple, best, and free way to transform your SVG images to EPS images, also we don’t suggest you provide your personal email address for conversions. 

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Table of Content

Why Convert SVG to EPS?

SVG “Scalable Vector Graphics” is indicated as an image format that supports interactivity and animation in the browser, which indulges curves, lines, shapes, colors, and text. On the other hand, EPS “Encapsulated PostScript” is referred to as a vector-based image in Adobe Illustrator that comes with text and graphics. No doubt, these are different image formats and even play crucial roles in different industries. And, sometimes when you work with advanced technical graphics and text images, you might need to convert SVG to EPS. It is the best approach to use free SVG to EPS converter by theonlineconverter to transforming SVG vector graphics into high-resolution EPS vector files. 

How to Convert SVG to EPS Online?

Convert SVG vector image to EPS vector image at full quality with the help of our online SVG to EPS converter online. Transforming SVG into EPS is only a few simple steps away right now, let’s find:

Step 1:

  • Get the SVG file that you need to convert into EPS, drag and drop or directly upload it

Step 2:

  • There you can see that it takes few seconds to upload a file, once uploaded, press “Convert”

Step 3:

  • Your quality EPS vector image is ready to download, press download, and save SVG as EPS on your system drive


How do convert multiple SVG files to EPS?

The simple, but quick way to convert multiple SVG files to EPS files is to get a quality piece of tool like an online SVG to EPS converter. Make use of our converter right now that change SVG to EPS file on Windows, Mac, iPhone, or Android in less than a minute. 

How to convert SVG to EPS with Adobe Illustrator?

  • Run Adobe Illustrator right now, and then open your SVG vector image in Adobe
  • In this step, go to File>Save As
  • Now, it’s time to select Illustrator EPS in the output format and adjust setting corresponding to your preference

How to Export SVG as EPS with Open Source (Inkscape)?

  • First of all, you have to Grab Inkscape from its website, install and open it
  • Then, you need to run Inkscape
  • Now, just go to File>Open to import SVG vector image file to the program
  • Finally, chose EPS option as the output format and save the file on the desired system location