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An online mp4 to wmv converter is the best way to carry out the mp4 (MPEG-4) to wmv (Window Media Video) format in instant. No matter whatever the reason you have for particular video conversions, this tool works best for you!

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Get easy online access, there’s no need to install any specific software. Just a couple of clicks with this MPEG-4 to Wmv converter will do the conversions.

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You can now change the video format of your files into wmv video format, this free video converter works at absolutely no charge.

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Why Convert Mp4 to Wmv?

No doubt that mp4 (MPEG-4) video format files though compatible with many video media players – but are failing to play on the system that got to the recent Windows update. This all happened because the system does not consist of the supported codec or decoder for streaming the downloaded or transferred mp4 video files. So, the best and free way to make these videos playable is to simply convert them into WMV (Window Media Video) extension with the best Mp4 file to WMV converter online. 

How to Convert Mp4 to Wmv online?

Use this free online Mp4 to Wmv converter that provides you with the best output video quality and fastest conversion speed for particular video conversions. It involves few handy steps:

Step 1:

  • At first, upload or drag and drop mp4 (MPEG-4) video extension file that you wish to convert to WMV extension

Step 2:

  • Press Convert

Step 3:

  • Download now and save Mp4 as Wmv on your system storage

The best thing about this online free converter is that it provides you quality mp4 files to Wmv batch conversions. 


How to convert Mp4 to Wmv using VLC?

  • First, you need to open VLC Media Player on your PC/Mac. From the media main interface, you need to open the drop-down menu at the Media tab and then select the Convert/Save option
  • Now, here a new “Open Media” pop-up window will open. From the given file tab, you have to make a tap on Add to browse and add mp4 video files from your PC. Then, make a click on the given Convert/Save button that is at the bottom-right corner
  • Then, you can see that a new Convert window will open. Under Settings, you have to select “WMV” as output video format from that profile drop-down menu. Under Destination, you need to choose the location on PC where you required to save the converted WMV file
  • Finally, it’s time to make a tap on START to proceed with the process of converting MPEG-4 to Window Media Video format

Can Windows Media Player convert MP4 to WMV?

Windows Media Player is a well-known media player that supports an array of formats, but it does not support the conversion from MPEG-4 to WMV format. So, if you want to convert mp4 videos to WMV videos, then use an online MP4 to WMV converter that does conversion without losing the quality. 

Can windows movie maker convert mp4 to Wmv?

No, movie maker doesn’t support particular video conversions but is highly recommended when you want to edit your video within no time. 

Can I Convert MP4 Videos to WMV format on Mac, Windows, or Linux?

Yes, our free mp4 to Wmv converter is the quick way to turn mp4 into Wmv on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, or Android.