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An online mp4 to mov converter allows you to convert mp4 (MPEG-4) video format to quality MOV (Apple Quicktime) format. Transform single or multiple mp4 files into MOV videos now.

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Convert Mp4 files to Mov Quickly

Our online mp4 to QuickTime converter is an account with a few simple steps to make mp4 extension to Apple Mov extension conversions.

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N need to worry about the privacy of your video files while converting videos with this secure version of the online converter as all files are permanently removed after processing.

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Typically, video conversions are paid, but thanks to this free mp4 to mov converter that provide you quality conversions from mp4 video to MOV (Apple QuickTime).

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Why Convert Mp4 to MOV?

No doubt that Mp4 (MPEG-4) and MOV (Apple QuickTime) both are popular video formats. However, typically Apple devices are failed to play .Mp4 extension files smoothly, this is where Mp4 to Quicktime (Mov) files take place. The Mov video file format was developed by Apple and efficiently used by its QuickTime media players. Users can’t be able to open different media files just because of the incompatibility of media files. Nowadays, there are different file formats, if you want to open videos on Apple devices, then it’s better to consider the MOV video format. If you have a bunch of Mp4 files and want to transform them into MOV, then an online Mp4 to Quickplayer converter is the single way to go. 

How to convert Mp4 to Mov Online?

Go with this free Mp4 to Mov converter online to convert Mp4 (MPEG-4) files to Mov (Quickplayer), let’s take a look how's!

Step 1:

  • Start with uploading and dragging and dropping your Mp4 file into the toolbox

Step 2:

  • Once the file uploading process is completed, press “Convert”

Step 3:

  • Tap “Download” and save Mp4 as MOV

The key for this converter is that it supports MP4 videos to Mov Apple Quickplayer batch conversions. 


How to convert mp4 to mov on?

Apart from being a media player, QuickTime also assists you to turn Mp4 into Mov on Mac for iTunes, iMovie, Web, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV. And your media file will be exported as a QuickTime movie (.MOV) format by using H.264 or HEVC codec.

  • At first, you need to Launch QuickTime Player on your Mac 
  • Now, open your .mp4 file that you wish to convert with QuickTime Player
  • Very next, you just require to choose the “File” option and make click on the “Export As” option
  • Then, simply select an option from the given drop-down menu such as 4K, 1080p, 720p, 480p, Audio Only
  • Now, simply rename your file and then choose a location to save your converted media file
  • At last, make a tap on the “Save” button and let the QuickTime Player start converting your MP4 video into MOV video

Note: QuickTime player only assists to change the extension of media file and is not ideal for a real conversion as the data is not transcoded. If you want to convert your Mp4 (MPEG-4) files to Mov properly (coding), then you have to use our best Mp4 to Mov converter for free. 

How to convert Mp4 to Mov using VLC?

  • Just launch VLC media player on your system
  • Then, make an instant click on the “Media” and choose “Convert/Save"
  • Now, tap on “Add” and begin browsing your Mp4 video file, then click "Convert/Save"
  • Then, you need to tap on the icon “Settings” to bring up the Profile edition
  • Now, just rename your media file and then simply check the MP4/MOV as the video format
  • Finally, all you need to tap on the “Browse” button to simply choose a destination and click on the “Start” button to commence MP4 to Apple Mov format conversion process

No doubt that Mp4 is indicated as a universal file format, but the time comes when you preferred to convert to Mov (QuickTime Player) movie format to enjoy its obvious advantages. The MOV is referred to as an ideal video format if you use Apple devices, need high-quality audio and video. However, an online Mp4 to Mov converter can convert Mp4 video file to MOV (QuickPlayer) and make converted file compatible with Windows, Mac, and all other operating system.