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Use an online mp4 to avi converter that is designed for converting mp4 (MPEG-4) video to AVI (Audio Video Interleave) format. Save mp4 as avi without distorting the video quality. 

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Our mp4 to video avi converter allows you to convert single or multiple mp4 videos into avi files within seconds. Upload mp4, make a single tap, and get quality avi. 

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Quit worrying, it is one of the best and safest ways to transform your mp4 extension into avi extension, your videos will be deleted after converted. 

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There is no need to invest single penny for Mp4 into Avi file transformation as our converter is open-source way to make particular conversions.

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Why Convert Mp4 to AVI?

Both mp4 and avi are the two well-known media formats that are used to store a PC or smartphone video file. Whereas, these file formats are highly great for media streaming.  However, there are numerous situations when you people require to convert mp4 videos to the AVI format. Typically, users are prone to such conversion when the installed media player or software does not compatible with the mp4 file format, and here the user has no other option but to convert MPEG-4 extension to AVI to play the video. Well, if you are also encountered with the same situation, there is no secret more that you should have to look for the best mp4 file to avi converter online. Well, we make easier your hunting job, just follow the steps that we’re going to mention below. 

How to convert Mp4 to AVI online?

Our online Mp4 to Avi converter preserves the original quality of your video while performing conversions, juts follow these steps:

Step 1:

  • Upload or drag and drop your mp4 format file into the given toolbox

Step 2:

  • Press Convert

Step 3:

  • Download the converted AVI with the assistance of the Download button

Also, when it comes to Mp4 (MPEG-4) video to AVI batch conversions, this converter does that in seconds. 


How to Convert MP4 to AVI without Quality Loss?

When you convert Mp4 video file to AVI format, there might be a possibility of video quality being compromised. Thus, we designed a free mp4 to avi converter that helps you to turn mp4 format into AVI file without quality loss. Its quality feature makes it stand out from other converts while guaranteeing the preserving the quality video files after conversion. 

How to Convert MP4 to AVI Using VLC Media Player?

  • First of all, you have to open VLC media player
  • Then, make a tap on the Media and under the media navigation button, you have to choose the Convert/Save button
  • Upload mp4 media file by clicking the Add button or simply make drag and drop to open the media window
  • You need to make a click on the Convert/Save button that is at the bottom to choose the AVI output file format
  • In the convert window, you just need to choose the mp4 to avi option. Also, you could make additional settings before beginning the conversion process
  • Finally, you have to choose the destination folder to save mp4 as avi format by clicking on the Browse button, and then make a tap on the Start button and wait for a couple of seconds to download your quality AVI media file

How to convert mp4 files to avi on windows, Mac, or Linux?

Whatever the operating system or device you are using for conversion, keep your hands on our online mp4 to avi converter that makes it easy to perform particular conversions everywhere. 

How to convert videos using Adobe Media Encoder?

  • First, you need to choose the file or simply hit the plus (+) icon that you can find at the top left corner of the rendering queue
  • Once file is selected, add it to the queue right now
  • Now, you have to choose an export preset or simply select custom settings
  • Then, simply tap on the output file to set your output location and then change the file name
  • Finally, press Start

Our free mp4 to avi converter online would extremely work best when you want to convert multiple videos immediately. It navigable interface will convert the videos to AVI without any hassle.