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Use this FLV to Mp4 converter in order to convert convert Flash Video to Mp4 (Mpeg-4) video without compromising the quality. Very easy to use tool for exporting flv as mp4 format.

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This Flash Video to Mp4 converter comes with quick and quality FLV file to MP4 video conversions, just requires a couple of steps to proceed.

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Why Convert FLV File to MP4?

FLV (Flash Video) is indicated as the standard video format used for streaming videos on the internet. This file type is supported by both Adobe and some non-Adobe products. However, with the subsequent retirement of Flash and even the increase in popularity of HTML5, the Flash Video to MP4 conversion takes place. FLV file might not be supported by the default codecs on different systems, even you need to install a specific program to stream this video file. Also, most smartphones do not play .flv extension files. So, it is required and recommended to use FLV to MPEG4 online converter to make it playable on any device.

How to Convert FLV to MP4 Online?

An online FLV to MP4 converter is the best way to convert FLV file to Mp4 to make the converted files playable. The steps are very simple, let’s find:

Step 1:

  • Get FLV video URL and paste it, upload or drag and drop into the given toolbox

Step 2:

  • Make an instant click on the “Convert” button to proceed further

Step 3:

  • You can see that FLV converted to MP4, download now to save FLV as MP4

Also, this FLV to MP4 converter does its best in order to convert multiple FLV videos at once to MP4 videos. 


How to Convert FLV to MP4 Using Windows Media Player?

Windows Media Player comes with the ability to convert only a few types by using the Save As feature that you under the File menu. However, it does not apply to FLV (Flash Video) files. Apart from that, Windows Media Player needs specific plugins to open FLV videos. Without those plugins, the error messages appear when you try to stream the FLV video file. Don’t worry, an online FLV file to Mp4 converter is designed for windows to turn FLV into MP4 video without impacting on video quality. 

How to Convert FLV to MP4 in OBS?

  • Open OBS application, make a click on the File that is in the upper left corner of the top menu
  • From the given drop-down menu, choose Remux Recording
  • The window appears, now, make a click on the three dots icon that is to the right of the text box under OBS Recording
  • The new window appears again, you just have to look for the FLV file that you wish to convert to Mp4. Now, make a click on the Open button
  • Then, make a click on the three dots icon that given on the left of the text box under the target file
  • Very next, you need to find the target location where you want to save the recording. You should have to make sure that the new converted file version is in the Mp4 format
  • Then, you have to make a click on the Remux button that you find on the lower right side of the Window
  • Once the conversion is completed, a small pop-up window will appear. Make a tap on OK
  • Now, you ought to simply open the file location that you set on the Remux Settings
  • Finally, your FLV converted to Mp4 video

How to convert FLV to MP4 on Mac using VLC?

  • Run VLC, and make click on the Media that you see in the upper left corner of the VLC window
  • From the given drop-down menu, make an instant click on “Convert / Save”
  • Now, from the pop-up window, make an instant click on the +Add button on the right side
  • Then, you can locate the file that you want to convert. Vey next, make click on the Open that is in the lower right of the window
  • Now, in the bottom right of the window, make a click on the “Convert / Save”
  • The Settings section of the window appears, make a tap on the text box to the right of Profile. Now, you have to choose the required file type. There you find several file type versions, choose output an Mp4 file
  • Now, you are just required to click on the given Browse button that is to the right of the Destination file, with you choose the directory in which you want to save your file. Also, you could name the file in the same window
  • Click on the Save, and then Start button to save FLV as MP4

Note: VLC Media player allow you to turn FLV into MP4 both on Mac and Windows, you could also try FLV to MP4 converter online that is completely free.

How to Convert FLV File to MP4 Using Adobe Media Encoder?

No doubt that Adobe Media Encoder will support MP4 (MPEG4) media types, but it no longer supports FLV file streaming. This clearly indicates that Adobe Media Encoder can’t perform conversions from FLV (Flash Video) to Mp4 (MPEG4) and vice versa. For ease, you could give a try the given FLV to MP4 converter by

How to batch convert FLV to MP4 on Mac using HandBrake?

  • Run HandBrake, then a pop-up window for adding a video fill appear automatically
  • Now, import the FLV media file. Remember that it does not allow it to import a bunch of files directly
  • It’s time to select the Output format “Mp4 File”, and edit dimensions, filters, etc (if required)
  • Now, tap on the “Browse” button to choose a destination path for the encode
  • Once setup is finished, add the FLV file to the queue. If you want to add multiple FLV media files, repeat this operation, simply make a click "Open Source" to upload video > "Add to Queue"
  • Finally, Open the Queue Windows, make a tap on “Start” to extract FLV to MPEG4 on Mac

You can see that innumerable videos online come in FLV format. Once you download those videos, it is quite daunting for you to stream them on Apple or Android devices that are FLV incompatible. In this case, you can make use of our FLV to MP4 converter to convert single or more FLVs to MP4 files without reducing the resolution.