JPEG To GIF Converter

JPEG To GIF Converter

Use this free online JPEG to GIF converter that specifically functioned to perform conversions from JPEG image file to GIF image file. Turn JPEG into GIF within a blink of eyes right now!

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Thanks to the handy and fast conversion of JPEG to GIF converter, just upload JPEG image now and get a quality GIF image instantly.

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We better have an idea about the security; both converted as well as uploaded files are 100% secure and deleted after conversion is done!

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We specifically designed this converter for free JPEG to GIF conversions, there’s no limit at all do as many conversions as you need!

Why Convert JPEG to GIF?

There’s no doubt, JPEG is the image type that widely used throughout the internet these days. You can find JPEG as a default image format on most digital camcorders and smartphone cameras. Apart from providing you with vivid images, JPEG is referred to as a universal image format. However, sometimes you people might need to change JPEG to GIF. For instance, GIFs are said to be playable images, which convey your messages instantly, unlike the static JPEG file. Thus, we created the best JPEG to GIF converter to make those compelling GIFs instantly from JPEG.

Both GIF and JPEG are widely famous, but people often need a change in image quality or even create new memes. For these respective reasons, you need to turn JPEG into GIF image format. 

How to Convert a JPEG to GIF Online?

The JPEG image to GIF image conversions is only three steps away with the assistance of this online JPEG to GIF converter, let’s find how it works:

Step 1:

  • To change JPEG to GIF image format, simply drag & drop or make a straight click on the toolbox to upload your JPEG file. Do the same for multiple conversions from JPEGs to GIFs

Step 2:

  • Right after, just make a single click on a “Convert” button to start the conversion process

Step 3:

  • Finally, by clicking a “Download” button you can be able to save JPEG as GIF


How to Convert a JPEG to a GIF in Mac OS X?

It’s quite simple to turn JPEG into GIF in Mac OS X, just follow these steps:

  • First of all, open Preview and press “Command-O” to open the JPEG
  • Now, you have to make a click on “File”
  • Then, all you need to select “Save As” and choose “GIF” from the Format menu

Can I convert JPEG to GIF on Mac OS or Linux?

Using our online JPEG to GIF converter lets you transform JPEG images to quality GIF image format on any OS, which has a web-based browser. 

No doubt that there are certain image formats, and JPEG and GIF are two of the most popular between them. Remember that JPEG images come with more options for color, and typically this format is use for photographs. However, when it comes to GIF images, they take up less disk space, and even can have transparent areas and can have animation. You may find that you need to convert JPEG to GIF image since the different formats provide different qualities. Fortunately, you have ample options for image conversions.