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An online JP2 to AI converter allows you to convert JP2 images into AI (Adobe Illustrator) without distorting the quality of the images. Turn JP2 images to AI by just making a few clicks.

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Turn JP2 into AI Quickly

Use this online JP2 image to AI converter to proceed with the high-speed image conversions. It just only takes a blink of an eye to perform the conversion.

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Save JP2 as AI Securely

Convert JP2 to AI without worrying about the security of your files. As this online converter does not save the uploaded or converted files anywhere.

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Change JP2 to AI For Free

This JP2 image to AI converter is 100 % free. With it, users can perform countless JP2 image conversions without much manual intervention.

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Table of Content

JP2 (JPEG 2000) Format:

JP2 is the short form of JPEG 2000 which stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group and it’s a bitmap image format. It can be a picture, image or fax etc. This format was created to improve the old discrete cosine transform-based JPEG format.

AI (Adobe Illustrator) Format:

AI is the short form of Adobe Illustrator and is the vector image format. Vector images do not lose resolution when they are scaled as per the need. AI format is commonly used by designers for creating logos and other artwork.

How to convert JP2 to AI?

  • Bowser & select or drag/drop or directly paste the JP2 files into the toolbox of the converter.
  • After uploading, press the “convert” button and wait for the completion of the JP2 to AI conversion.
  • Download Adobe Illustrator (AI) files in a single click on Download All.


Why Convert JP2 to Adobe Illustrator?

A JP2 image format can be accessed by just a couple of devices. Therefore, it's crucial to convert this format to make it easily accessible. The conversion from JP2 image to AI not only makes it accessible, but also provides high quality graphics and makes the text easily readable on all devices and the editing process easy.

Can I convert JP2 to AI on Mac OS, Windows or Linux?

Yes, you can conveniently convert JP2 format to AI with the help of our platform-independent JP2 to AI converter. As it is completely compatible with all operating systems and smart devices.

Can I convert Multiple JP2 images to AI?

Yes, use our free JP2 image converter because it is capable of performing batch conversions swiftly. 

How to convert the JP2 format to AI without having to install any software?

For this, get the help of our online JP2 to AI converter as it will let you turn JP2 files into AI format without requiring you to install any additional software or program on your device.