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An online JP2 to EPS converter makes it easy to convert the JP2 images to EPS vector files effortlessly. No need to install any additional program to create an EPS file from existing JP2.

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Export JP2 as EPS Quickly

Our online JP2 file to EPS converter ensures quick and reliable JP2 conversions, even when you have to convert multiple image files at once.

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Turn JP2 into EPS Securely

Use this 100% secure JP2(JPEG 2000) converter as this advanced tool incorporates the latest security algorithm to proceed with secure conversions.

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This efficient JP2 to EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) converter allows you to perform JP2 conversions free of cost. It never asks to pay any hidden cost.

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Table of Content

JP2 (JPEG 2000):

JP2 (JPEG 2000) is the image format that was developed by the Joint Photographic Experts Group. It was created for superseding the original JPEG format that consists of discrete cosine transform(DCT) with the new wavelet-based method. JPEG 2000 images have higher quality than JPEG.

EPS (Encapsulated PostScript):

EPS is the Postscript document format that is less self-contained and describes an image or drawing. A postscript document can have another postscript file within. Graphic designers commonly use this format for high-quality printing. 

How to Convert JP2 to EPS Online?

  • Firstly, upload the JP2 images from your computer, Google Drive or URL. 
  • Once JP2 files are uploaded, click the Convert button and let this JP2 to EPS converter start the conversion.
  • Download the EPS files with a single click.


Why convert the JP2 image to EPS?

JP2 and EPS both are image format but EPS is the vector format and is utilised by the drawing programs. That's why it's good for image editing concerns. If you often have to edit the images and want to obtain a high-quality print, then you will have to convert JP2 to EPS.

How do I convert a JP2 to EPS without Illustrator?

Get the assistance of our free online JP2 file to EPS converter to turn JP2 into EPS format without illustrator or any additional programs.

How to Convert JP2 image to EPS on Mac OS, Windows or Linux?

For this, get the assistance of an online JP2 to EPS converter because it supports almost all operating systems. You can easily access it through your browser to perform the conversion.