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JP2 To TGA Converter

Convert your JP2 (JPEG 2000) file to TGA (Targa) image format by using this JP2 to TGA converter online. Use this tool and turn JP2 into a TGA file without affecting the original quality.

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With this online JP2 to TGA converter, you can perform high-quality and speediest conversion of JP2 to the TGA raster image format with just a few simple clicks.

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Convert JP2 to TGA Safely

Your files privacy and security are the most important thing for us while making conversion. We keep them completely confidential during transformations.

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Easily convert JP2 files into TGA raster images for free, use this tool numerous times without the need to pay anything or go through any registration process.

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Table of Content

JP2 (JPEG 2000)

JP2 also known as JPEF 2000 is an image file format which uses advanced compression techniques. It provides smaller file size with high quality image preservation compared to the traditional JPEG images. which makes it ideal for sharing high resolution photos with smaller size. JP2 are commonly used in professional photography and medical imaging applications.

TGA (Targa Image)

A TGA file, or Truevision Graphics Adapter file, is a raster image format primarily used for storing high-quality graphics with support for transparency and color depth. It's often used in video games and graphic design applications due to its ability to maintain image quality. TGA files can store both compressed and uncompressed image data.

How to convert JP2 to TGA online?

  • Browse or Drag & Drop your JP2 files into the toolbox.
  • Press the “Convert” Button and wait for a few seconds to process JPEG 2000 to TGA conversion.
  • After conversion, simply save your converted TGA files by clicking ‘Download All’ Button.


Why would I need to convert JP2 to TGA?

Converting JP2 to TGA is beneficial for broader compatibility with various applications and platforms, especially for graphics-intensive purposes like video games, where image quality and transparency are vital.

Can I convert JP2 into TGA without installing any software?

No software installation and any plug-in required because our only JP2 to TGA converter lets users export JP2 as TGA format online.

Does this converter process batch conversions?

Yes, our JP2 to TGA online converter lets you convert multiple JP2 (JPEG 2000) images at once into TGA (TARGA) files for free.

How to change JP2 into TGA without quality loss?

If you are concerned about the quality loss when converting your files, then don't worry because this online tool converts JP2 into TGA by preserving the original image quality.