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Use our online JP2 to PSD converter for converting JP2 (JPEG 2000) images into PSD (Photoshop Document) files without any quality disruption. Turn JP2 into PSD with a few simple clicks.

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Make single or bulk conversions quickly without any huge manual intervention, just drag & drop of files provided you with the converted PSD images with this online tool.

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One of the safe and secure online tools that knows the importance of your files, they will definitely be deleted automatically after conversion is done.

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Free conversion can be done with this online JP2 to PSD converter, even users don’t have to go-through with any installation and sign-up process prior and after conversion.

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JP2 (JPEG 2000)

JP2 stands for “JPEG 2000”, it is a file format used for storing and compressing images. It offers high-quality image compression, making it suitable for preserving image detail while reducing file size. JP2 files are commonly used in applications where image quality is essential that includes medical imaging and digital photography.

PSD (Photoshop Documents)

PSD also known as Photoshop Document is a file format primarily associated with Adobe Photoshop. It's used for storing and editing images with multiple layers, text, and various graphic elements. PSD files preserve all the editing capabilities, making them ideal for professional image manipulation and graphic design projects.

How to Convert JP2 to PSD online?

  • Add JP2 file using any method.
  • Click ‘Convert’ to turn JP2 into a PhotoShop Document file.
  • Hit ‘Download’ and save a converted PSD file.


Why convert JP2 to PSD?

Converting JP2 to PSD allows you to edit and work with the image using Adobe Photoshop and other graphic design software. PSD files retain layers and editing capabilities, making them ideal for enhancing and customizing your images.

How to convert JPG to PSD without any software installation?

No software and plug-in need to install prior and after conversions as this tool converts files online without any hassle.

Can I save JP2 as PSD on Mobile?

Yes, you can as this online converter accessible on devices includes phones, tablets, PC, laptops, and more. And, if you’re thinking about Operatiang Systems, then it works perfect on Windows, Mac, and Linux).

Can I convert multiple JP2 files to PSD simultaneously?

Indeed, this online JP2 to PSD converter supports batch conversion, a feature that allows users to proceed conversions for multiple files at once.