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This online JFIF to PNG converter is the specific way to convert your JFIF files to PNG images without installing any additional program. Just make few clicks to create PNG from any JFIF image.

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Our converter enables you to turn JFIF files into PNG with a very high speed even when processing multiple JFIF images at once.

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This converter provides you with strong privacy protection. Meanwhile, you can convert your JFIF files to PNG without compromising your privacy.

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Our converter is totally free and there are no hidden charges. It contains a simple and easy-to-use interface for the ease of the users.

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JFIF (JPEG File Interchange Format) is a compressed form of JPEG format. This format was used by the cameras to save the captured images as JFIF. With the enhancement made to the JPEG Format, JFIF has nearly become obsolete. If you compare it with PNG (Portable Network Graphics) then you will know that PNG is better than it.
PNG format is easily accessible and approximately all the devices can support a PNG image.  Basically, it was designed to replace the GIF format. But Gif also retains its value due to its ability to create animation. PNG Format is similar to JPEG, but it provides you the facility of transparency and does better with the text. These features prove it is better than the JFIF Format. So, if you want to turn it into a PNG then use a JFIF to PNG converter to convert the format of your JFIF images.

Why Convert JFIF to PNG?

JFIF (JPEG File Interchange Format) is a compressed type of the original JPEG Format. This format contains a small amount of data to make the exchange convenient between different systems or programs. However, only a few applications or programs make .jfif files accessible, so for ease, you should have to convert .jfif to PNG regular image file type. Once you create PNG from JFIF with  free JFIF to PNG converter online. 

How to Convert JFIF to PNG Online?

Now you can convert your JFIF image to PNG online within a few clicks through our best JFIF to PNG converter.

Let's find the steps:

Step 1:

  • First of all, upload and drag the JFIF files that you want to convert to PNG format. It also allows you to add the URL of your JFIF images.

Step 2:

  • Press the convert button and wait a few seconds till the completion of the process.

Step 3:

  • Click on the download button to save JFIF as PNG.


How to convert JFIF to PNG without quality loss?

Our JFIF to PNG converter provides you the facility to convert your JFIF images to PNG without any quality loss. It maintains the resolution of the image while converting images.

Can I convert JFIF to PNG on Mac or Linux?

Yes, you can rapidly convert a JFIF file to PNG image on Mac or Linux through our online JFIF file to PNG  converter. It is nearly compatible with all operating systems and modern smart devices.

How to Convert JFIF to PNG on Windows 10?

You can use the Paint built-in program to convert JFIF file into PNG on Windows:

  1. Choose your image, press the right button of your mouse and open the image in paint.
  2. Click on the file and select the “save as” option.
  3. Select the output format of the image as PNG.
  4. Press the save button and you will have the image in PNG format. 

How to change JFIF to PNG with GIMP?

Simply, download a free copy of the GIMP from its website. After that install and run the program.

  1. Drag your file JFIF image that you want to convert to PNG.
  2. Click on the file and select export.
  3. Choose the type of output file as PNG.
  4. Click on export to export jfif as png.


Although there are certain ways to turn JFIF into PNG image, our online JFIF to PNG converter ensures high-quality results for free. So, get rid of all installations and just drop the JFIF files to get their PNGs right there. Good Luck!