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An online EPUB to MOBI converter helps you to convert eBooks from ePub (Electronic Publication) files to Mobipocket kindle format. Create Mobi files from ePub eBooks right now with this free ePub to Mobipocket converter.

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The most obvious difference between ePub (Electronic Publication) and Mobi (Mobipocket) is that ePub is a widely supported eBook across all Platforms. While Mobi is indicated as a predominantly format for Kindle. The standard for ePuB files is maintained by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), a well-known global trade and standards organization.

Why Convert EPUB to MOBI?

The main reason for converting ePub to Mobi is that Kindle devices can’t read Epub eBooks natively. Readers and authors will need to convert previously-purchased ePub files into Mobipocket eBooks for sending and reading them on a Kindle device. Our best Epub to Mobi converter online is the best way to convert Epub file to Mobi for Kindle in 2022.

How to Convert EPUB to MOBI Online?

Just follow the given steps and let this free ePub to Mobi converter swiftly convert eBooks from ePub format to Mobi file online:

Step 1:

  • Add ePub file that you want to convert into Mobipocket

Step 2:

  • Press the “Convert” button

Step 3:

  • Click on the “Download” button to save ePub as Mobipocket for Kindle

This ePub to Mobipocket works best for converting multiple ePuB eBooks at once into Mobi kindle files for free of cost. Also, our best ePub to Mobi converter maintains the original formatting while converting ePub files to Mobipocket format.


Does Kindle use MOBI or EPUB?

Epub (Electronic Publication) is indicated as a widely accepted and functional e-Book file format. On the other hand, Mobi (Mobipocket) and Azw3 (Kf8) are Amazon’s native formats that are used for Kindle devices. If possible, you should have to leave eBooks in the format that they download (saved) originally. Kept in mind that Kindle e-readers can’t read ePub documents, this is why you need to convert them into Mobi or kf8 Kindle format. However, an online converter makes perfect sense to convert ePub to Kindle Mobipocket format.

Is MOBI better than EPUB?

If you people are using anything other than a Kindle or the Kindle application, then ePub is indicated as the better format. The apparent reason for using .mobi format is to attain compatibility with Amazon’s e-reader and app, besides that, it has no advantages over ePub, which is indicated as a handy Kindle format.

Can you turn an EPUB into a MOBI?

Yes, you can easily turn ePub into mobi with a browser-dependent ePub to mobi converter online, Calibre (as mentioned above), or even start with a full eBook service that is loaded with file format conversion like (BookBaby).

How to Convert epub to mobi on Calibre?

To start, you need to first download and install Calibre on your system and follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step1: Run Calibre and add eBooks:

  • You have to make click on the “Add books” button which is at the left navigation bar for adding books or simply drag ePub eBooks from the folder which swiftly saves them into the main interface of Calibre. You can fetch the added books from the middle panel

Step 2: Convert from ePub to Mobi:

  • If you need to convert all your added ePub files, just press “Ctrl+A” to select all of them at once. And, make a click on the “Convert books” on the navigation bar, then a pop-up window will appear, just choose Mobi as the output format, and hit the “OK” button to begin the conversion
  • Then, at the bottom right corner, you can see a process of converting. Remember that when it turns to “Zero”, this means that all the eBooks successfully have been converted. Just make a “Click to Open” to find your converted Mobipocket files. Once you have done with all, you can send the converted Mobi to Kindle

How to convert epub to mobi on mac?

No matter whether you’re using Mac, Windows, or Linux OS and even devices (iPhone or Android), our online ePub to Mobi converter let you export ePub as Mobipocket for free.

Once you converted ePub (Eletcronic Publication) e-Books into Mobipocket files, you can encounter a full-fledged reading experience on your Kindle app or devices.