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An online ePub to PDF converter allows you to convert ePub eBook files to PDF documents for free. You can now convert ePuB to a universal PDF format that can access on all devices and OS.

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EPUB (Electronic Publication) is indicated as the main file extension for eBooks. This context extension is well-known among eBook readers and even it has the standard authorizations for documents. It also provided you with nearly more support to hardware readers of eBooks. Moreover, EPUB 3.1 is its latest version, which is fully embedded and loaded with interactive stability in video and audio as well.

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a well-known document extension developed by Adobe systems. The upside about this file format is that it is common to all users and even does not depend on any additional software. You can find that PDF was mainly taken into account for scanned documents, eBooks, product manuals, brochures, job applications, resumes, and more.

Pro Tip: There are innumerable add-ons available for Google Chrome that you can install to read ePub eBooks. If still you can’t access ePub files, you simply have to ePub file to PDF online.

Why Convert Epub Files to PDF?

There are certain reasons why one requires to convert ePub eBooks into PDF files. Epub documents and several other eBook file types can only be accessible on a specific eBook reader or with an additional program. While PDF is a more universal, compact, and versatile document format, thus, can be easily viewed on almost any device and operating system. That’s why people often convert ePub to universal PDF format to attain ease of compatibility. Even thanks to free ePub to PDF converter online lets you quickly export ePub as PDF without downloading any software.

Besides that, if you need to print specific parts of your ePub eBook file, PDF is the ultimate format that works best for you. You can find that PDF is highly optimized for printing concerns and indicated as perfect for creating physical copies of your ePub files. More specifically, Adobe PDF files are easy to edit, lock/protect, compress, and overly functional as compared to eBook ePub format.

How to Convert ePub to PDF on Mac?

You can easily convert ePub files to PDF for free on Mac by using Calibre for mac program, let’s find what you have to do:

  • At first, you need to Download Calibre to your Mac and open the program
  • Once installed, open it
  • Then, hit “Add Books” in the main menu that is on the top left corner and choose the ePub file that you wish to convert
  • Once the ePub (eBook) file is selected, make click on the “Convert Books” and choose “PDF” as the output format in the given popup window. Click “OK” for Calibre to commence converting epub to pdf

How to Convert ePub to PDF Online?

Converting ePuB files to PDF documents is becomes handy with the online ePub to PDF converter free, let's find the steps:

Step 1:

  • Choose or drag and drop the ePuB file that you want to convert into PDF

Step 2:

  • Click a “Convert” button

Step 3:

  • Press a “Download” button to save ePub as PDF format

Moreover, this online ePub file to PDF converter lets you process conversions on Windows, Mac, or Linux and even supports nearly all devices. 


Is ePub or PDF better?

It all depends on what fits your needs. Epub (Electronic Publication) is a general use format and PDF is best for printing purposes. You can find that ePub files are highly accessible for impaired readers as compared to PDFs - they can function perfectly with screen reading software. So, when you’re downloading eBooks, you should keep in mind these mentioned aspects.

Can I convert an EPUB file to PDF?

Yes, you can stick with the best ePub to PDF online converter to convert ePub eBooks to Adobe PDF documents for free. 

Why is EPUB smaller than PDF?

Straightforwardly, ePub file will be about 10 times smaller. This is all because, when it comes to PDF, it not only stores the text, but even also the location and orientation of the individual characters. In the case of an OCR document, individual pages are stored partly as a picture. Whereas, ePub is just as an HTML.

How to Convert ePub to PDF without losing quality?

Our online ePub to PDF converter will preserve original formatting and each element while converting ePub files into PDFs. 

How to Convert multiple ePub eBooks to PDF files?

Our free and easy-to-use ePub eBooks to PDF converter is capable to turn multiple ePuB files into PDFs within a matter of seconds. 

How do I convert large EPUB to PDF?

No matter how large ePub eBook you decide to convert to PDF, this online Electronic Publication to PDF converter works best.

Although .ePub file extension is mainly used for eBooks, still many devices can’t open it. If you aim to view ePub files anywhere you want, it’s ideal to convert it into a more universal format like PDF. For reliable conversions, only the ePub to PDF converter fits your needs.