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Our online Docx to Mobi converter is the most convenient way to convert word documents to Mobi (Mobipocket) format (native for kindle devices). Convert Word docx files to Mobipockets to make them readable on kindle, Apple iBooks, eReaders, and other devices.

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Docx VS Mobi:

Docx is a latest document format created by Microsoft Word in 2007. It contains formatted text, images, tables and other elements. Docx format is mostly used to create letters, resues, invitations, newsletters, informative and other documents for personal and commercial use.

In contrast, Mobi (Mobi-pocket ebook format) was created by a french company Mobipocket SA in 2000. It is an electronic book format designed for smart devices having low bandwidth. Later it was purchased by Amazon in 2005. This format is supported by several ebook readers, PDA, and tablets etc. This format includes a DDR copyright protection to secure the copyrights of the content and to prevent making illegal copies of the content.

Why Convert Docx to Mobi?

A docx file is not accessible by ebook readers. While Mobi (Mobipocket-ebook format) is easily accessible on Amazon kindle, tablet devices and other ebook reading devices. That's why it's necessary to convert Docx to Mobi through a doc to mobi converter for ebook readers such as kindle, mobile and tablet devices.

How to Convert Docx to Mobi Online?

Our free online Word to mobi converter involves a few simple steps to precisely convert Docx to mobi format. Follow these steps:

Step 1:

At the first step, upload or drag the Docx file that you want to convert to Mobi Format. You can also add the URL of your online word documents to convert them. 

Step 2:

Press the convert button to start the conversion and wait until our word to mobi converter converts your doc to mobi file. 

Step 3:  

Click on the download button and your file will be downloaded from our doc to mobi converter to your device.


How to convert Docx to Mobi on Windows, Mac OS or Linux?

You can turn doc into mobi with the help of our online Docx to Mobi converter on Windows, Mac or Linux because it is completely compatible with all the operating systems. It does not require you to install any additional program for performing the conversion.  

Does Kindle use MOBI or EPUB?

Kindle eReaders can not access Epub files and you will have to convert them to Mobi format to make them easily accessible by the Kindle.

How to turn Word into Mobi in Calibre?

Lets see the steps:

  • First of all, click on the “add books”: in the main menu banner.
  • Choose the file you want to convert in the open file pop up.
  • Select the uploaded file and click on the “convert books”. Now the convert  window will appear where you can change the meta data and format of the file.
  • There will be a dropbox to select the output format. Click the box and select the .Mobi format.
  • Now click on “OK” this will turn your docx file to mobi in the calibre library.

If you want to save the converted file on the device location then you have to stick to the following steps:

  • Click on the name of the file.
  • Right click on the blue “Mobi” under formats.
  • Click save the Mobi format to disk.
  • Now choose the folder where you want to save your converted Mobi files. 

Can I convert DOCX to MOBI in bulk?

Yes, you can convert Docx documents to Mobipocket eBooks in bulk by utilizing our free Docx to Mobi converter because it features batch processing. Meanwhile you can convert multiple word documents to Mobi at once.   


Thankfully, now you people can easily create Mobipocket Kindle native format from the uploaded Word (docx) file by using this online docx to mobipocket converter. Once you transformed Word into Mobi, it becomes easy to organize, read, and annotate converted eBooks with the helps of desktop or mobile reader application.