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WMV To GIF Converter

WMV To GIF Converter

An online WMV to GIF converter is an easy way to convert WMV (Windows Media Video) to GIF file format. Get GIF animated images from WMV videos for free.

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Save WMV as GIF Rapidly

This Windows Media Video to GIF converter lets you perform conversions simply as well as quickly. In just 3 simple steps you can convert and download GIF files from WMV video.

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Turn WMV into GIF Securely

We developed a trustworthy WMV file to GIF converter for you since we know the priority of your files. All the files are permanently deleted by our server for privacy concerns.

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Export WMV as GIF Free

Now you can convert WMV video files to animated Gif frames for free with the free assistance of this online converter. Also, there’s no limit regarding conversions.