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An online AVI to GIF converter helps to convert Audio Video Interleave files to CompuServe GIF graphics format. No additional programs are required in order to make GIF from AVI video files. 

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Create animated GIF frames from AVI videos within minutes, just upload your AVI file and get the GIFs without having to worry about losing quality.

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Our first priority is to keep secure your files. Thus, our online converter for GIF to video conversions deletes your files at once right after transformation.

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Now you can use this online converter for free in order to transform the AVI format into GIF frames, there are no limitations regarding conversions.

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Why Convert AVI to GIF?

The main reason for converting AVI to animated GIF is that AVI videos are usually large in size, thus becomes difficult to share them over various platforms. Even sometimes you need to extract your favorite part from AVI file, this is where GIF animated file makes sense. So, simply add AVI file into our online Audio Video Interleaved to GIF converter to get its GIF file right there.

How to Convert AVI to GIF Online?

An online AVI to GIF converter free is best online way to export AVI as GIF animated file within matter of seconds, let’s find how:

Step 1:

  • Upload or drag and drop the AVI video file that you want to change into Gif format

Step 2:

  • Press the “Convert button” to make the GIF animated video from AVI video file

Step 3:

  • Now Gif (Graphics format) is ready to download, you can save AVI as GIF by clicking on a Download button

The great thing is that this best AVI to GIF converter is capable to process batch conversions, means one can convert multiple AVI files to animated GIFs at once. 


How to convert AVI to GIF with Photoshop?

Steps to convert AVI video to GIF:

  1. Launch the Photoshop program on your computer. Click File > Import> Video Frames to Layers and upload the AVI video from your system
  2. To choose the part of the AVI video for which your want to make a GIF, make a selection from the Range to Import-from Beginning to End or just Selected Range. Now, you ought to just check the box at the given Make Fram Animation option
  3. Right after, you have to simply move to Window and just check the Animation. If it’s your preference, you can easily trim or add the frames as your need. You simply need to move to the left side of the animation frames and just check Forever
  4. Very next, you have to move to File > Save for Web. Using the given Preset menu, you ought to choose one of the GIF options. Alternatively, you could also choose the GIF option from the drop-down menu that is under the present and then swiftly adjust the options as needed. At last, hit the Save button and enter a desired name to the particular file

If these steps look daunting to follow, you could start such conversions with the free and easy-to-navigate online AVI to GIF converter.

How to Create a GIF from an AVI file with VLC?

Just follow the given steps:

Step 1:

  • Open your AVI video file in the VLC program by clicking "Media" from the menu. Then, you need to select “Open Folder”, “Open Disc”, or “Open Network Stream”, this all depends on the location of the video

Step 2:

  • Very next, you simply have to navigate to the video frame that you wish to export as a GIF animated with the slider at the bottom of the window. In the “Playback” menu, you can fetch advanced navigation options (make changes according to your preferences)

Step 3:

  • Then, you can save the frame by making a click on the “Video” and then “Snapshot” from the menu. You can find that this will swiftly save the frame as a PNG image file to the system “My Pictures” folder

Step 4:

Now, make click on the “File” and “Open” in Microsoft Paint and then simply fetch the file from the “My Pictures” folder

Step 5:

  • Finally, you have to hit the “File” > “Save As” option, and just select GIF as the new file type. You could find that the AVI into GIF conversion will start automatically

How do I turn AVI into GIF on iPhone, Android, or any OS?

You can easily convert AVI video file to animated GIF format with the use of a free AVI to GIF converter online. It lets you save AVI as GIF on iPhone, Android, and even on (Windows, Linux, or Mac).