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This online MOV to GIF converter allows you to convert MOV (Apple Quicktime) to GIF file format. Get CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format from uploaded QuickTime Movie format with this converter. 

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Our MOV file to GIF converter offers you the fast speed through which you can finish your QuickTime to GIF conversions instantly.

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We know how important your files are, both QuickTime Mov and GIF animates files are absolutely secure and deleted after conversions.

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Feel hassle free to use this best MOV to animated GIF converter as it lets you export MOV as GIF format for free of charge.

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Why Convert MOV to GIF?

MOV (QuickTime video format) is mainly used for storing and streaming videos on Mac devices. However, accessing  .mov videos on several devices and operating systems may be a daunting task. This is where a MOV Apple Video to GIF conversion makes sense. Once you transformed MOV into GIF, you can easily access it anywhere or anytime you want. So, consider a free MOV to GIF converter online to save existing MOV Quicktime files as GIF’s.

How to Convert MOV to GIF Online?

Our online MOV to GIF converter is a convenient way to turn MOV into GIF, let’s follow the given below steps:

Step 1:

  • Upload or drag and drop the MOV video format that you want to convert

Step 2:

  • Press the “Convert” button and wait for a seconds

Step 3:

  • Now you can save MOV as GIF by clicking on the given mac“Download” button


Can you convert .MOV to GIF?

Yes, sure! Such a conversion job was easily done with the free and easy-to-navigate QuickTime to GIF converter online.

How do I export MOV as GIF on iPhone?

Converting MOV into GIF file is not a longer issue as this MOV to animated GIF converter lets you export MOV as GIF on iPhone immediately. Also, one can make conversions on Android, Tablets, and different Operating Systems (Windows, Mac, or Linux).

‍What is the best way to convert MOV file to a GIF?

There are innumerable ways to change MOV videos into an animated GIF, the simple and best way to consider an online Mov QuickTime to GIF converter.

How do I make a GIF from MOV on Mac?

You can now convert MOV QuickTime videos to GIF on Mac straightly by using our free MOV file to GIF converter.

Can I convert multiple files from MOV file to GIFs?

Our online MOV to GIF converter enables to convert multiple MOV (Apple QuickTime) files to GIFs at once. Even it retains original quality while making files transformation.

As MOV is a format that is natively supported in the QuickTime framework, thus you ought to turn it into some other regular file formats like GIF, which make it accessible on different devices and OS.