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This online PSD to DDS converter helps to convert single or multiple PSD (Photoshop Document) files to DDS (DirectDraw Surface) files. 

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Turn PSD into DDS Quickly

Convert your PSD vector files to DDS raster image files in a couple of clicks with this free Photoshop to DDS converter online.

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Don’t worry about your both vector PSD and DDS image files. Confidentiality is guaranteed and files are removed permanently once work is done.

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This PSD to DirectDraw Surface converter is free for all users, just account for this tool and say goodbye to the all-time taking installation process.

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Why Convert PSD to DDS?

No doubt that both PSD and DDS are well-known image formats for your art-related works. But, sometimes PSD format to DDS conversion takes place according to different preferences. If you have PSD and want to work with store model textures, mipmap levels, and cubemaps in 3D games, then converting PSD files to DDS makes sense. You can do such conversions with our free version of Photoshop to DDS converter.

How to Convert PSD to DDS Online?

Hold these simple steps to turn PSD into DDS with the help of this online PSD to DDS converter.

Step 1:

  • Add URL of your PSD image, upload or drag and drop it onto this converter

Step 2:

  • Press Convert button

Step 3:

  • Download and save PSD as DDS now


Can Photoshop open DDS files?

Yes, Photoshop program does support DDS (DirectDraw Surface). It even also allow you to edit DDS image through the NVIDIA Texture tools plug-in, with this you can easily save DDS file in Photoshop. 

Can I convert psd file to dds on Mac, Linux, Android, or iPhone?

Of course, our PSD to DDS converter allows you to perform conversions on any device that has web browser.