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This online PDF to SVG converter works for converting PDF file to SVG vector format for free without reducing the original quality of the file. It helps you to save PDF as SVG within no time.

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Our converter provides you with the easiest way to change PDF to SVG, by drag and drop, you can be able to convert single or more PDFs to SVGs.

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Our PDF to SVG online converter runs on a highly secure server, there’s no need to worry about your file safety as the files will be deleted automatically once the conversion is done!

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Now, you can turn PDF into SVG online for free with the assistance of this converter, also it lets you perform unlimited conversions from PDF document to an SVG image file.

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Why Convert PDF to SVG?

SVG is an acronym for “Scalable Vector Graphics” that is vector-based image format, which supports animation and interactivity. The main reason behind PDF to SVG conversion is that SVG vector image offers multiple benefits when it comes to graphics works. Thus, the team of theonlinveconverter provides the best PDF to SVG converter online to convert PDF to vector image (SVG) quickly. 

How to Convert PDF to SVG Online?

Give a try to our online PDF to SVG converter that specifically functioned to transform your PDF documents into SVG graphic vector images. The particular conversion includes only three simple steps:

Step 1:

  • Upload, drag & drop PDFs you aim to convert to SVG right now

Step 2:

  • Wait for a couple of seconds for PDFs uploading, then click a “Convert” button

Step 3:

  • When ready, make a straight tap on a “Download” button to save a PDF as an SVG


How to Convert PDF to SVG via Adobe Illustrator?

  • At first, simply launch illustrator on your device
  • Next, you have to open PDF in illustrator
  • Now, just hover to File>Export>SVG
  • Finally, make a click on Export to save PDF as SVG in Adobe

Is it possible to convert PDF to SVG with a smartphone?

Yes, our PDF to SVG converter is completely platform-independent; you never have to worry about your device preference. Only your device needs a stable internet connection to convert PDF documents to SVG images by using this online converter. Even it also same as you experience while your computer/laptop.  

Will the image quality be lost with SVG conversion?

You can find some tool that will reduce the quality of the converted file, but our PDF to SVG converter will take care of the quality of the image and always delivers the properly converted file.

No doubt, there are different options with a tedious process for converting PDF documents to SVG vector images, but we don’t recommend any one of them, use our converter through which PDF files to SVGs conversions are a couple of steps away!

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