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An online PDF to AZW3 converter helps you to convert PDF documents to AZW3 Kindle format 8 (Kf8). Create Azw3 file from PDF to access on all native Kindle devices.

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In straightforward terms, PDF (Portable Document Format) is a universal format for storing and sharing certain document data. While Azw3 also known as Kindle Format 8 (KF8), it is indicated as the modified version of the .azw eBook digital format that was developed by Amazon Kindle devices. It provided you with the latest features HTML5 and CSS3 supports and even several formatting capabilities. The upside is that .azw3 files mostly come with DRM protection and are natively used as the download format for different Amazon eBooks. Besides that, even now it becomes easy to make .azw3 files from a universal PDF format by using the best PDF to Kindle format 8 converter.

Why Convert PDF to AZW3?

There are several reasons why you people need to convert PDF files to Azw3 KF8 eBook format. For instance, reading PDF documents on a small display seems daunting because reading concludes by consistently zooming in and out, and scrolling, due to the file's fixed layout. While Azw3 kindle “native” files provided you with a perfect reading experience on different Kindle devices. In short, the KF8 Amazon device format is native and thus comes with better compatibility as compared to PDF. Whatever the reason you have, a professional PDF to Azw3 converter online is an essential source in order to turn PDF into Azw3 kindle format.

How to Convert PDF to AZW3 Online?

Converting PDF files to Azw3 eBook Kindle format is only three steps away with this online PDF to Azw3 converter. Let’s follow these steps:

Step 1:

  • Drag a PDF file that you want to convert into Azw3

Step 2:

  • Press a “Convert” button

Step 3:

  • Click a given “Download” button to save PDF as AZW3 eBook Kindle format


How do I convert PDF to AZW3 with Calibre?

  1. Launch Calibre, click on the “Add book” option that is given in the left upper corner of the main interface to load PDF files
  2. Then, you need to click on the “Convert books”, choose “Convert individually” or “Bulk convert” option from the drop-down
  3. Now, from the new interface pops up, you need to select the output format as azw3 from the right upper corner
  4. Finally, click “OK”

Besides launching Calibre, you could export PDF as Azw3 with the assistance of a free PDF to KF8 converter online. 

How to Convert multiple PDF documents to Azw3 files?

Our free PDF file to Azw3 converter helps you to convert multiple PDF files at once into Azw3 eBook Amazon Kindle files within no time.

Can I convert PDF to AZW3 on Mac OS or Linux?

Yes, sure! Our online PDF to Azw3 converter assists you in converting PDF documents to Azw3 Kindle 8 format on Mac, Windows, or Linux OS. And, even one can navigate to the same converter to save PDF as Azw3 on iPhone, Android, Tablet, and other devices.