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The best online Mp4 to 3GP converter helps to convert your Mp4 (MPEG) videos to a highly quality 3GP (Third Generation Partnership Project) file format. Get particular video format conversions within a couple of clicks.

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Our Mpeg4 to 3gp converter supports quick conversion while keeping the high file quality, just export Mp4 and let it delivers you quality 3gp video.

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Both uploaded and downloaded videos are protected as we use security standards while converting files, files will automatically be deleted from our server. 

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Now, mp4 convert to 3gp video file format for free, get perfect video conversions for respective file format without installation and registration process.

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Why Convert Mp4 to 3GP?

MP4 is indicated as the most popular media file container these days, with native support in macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. It is a lossy file format and comes with high-resolution video quality. 

On the other hand, 3GP (Third Generation Partnership Project) is a container format based on the ISO file format. This file format contains video compressed according to the H.263 and H.264 compression standards. The 3GPP format is generally associated with 3G (third-generation) mobile phones, typically for the smartphone era. Also, it was the media filetype that was considered for sending video in MMS messages. You people might want to convert Mp4 files to 3GP format to transfer them for playback on an older mobile device. Our free mp4 to 3gp converter for mobile and windows is required to get the conversion task done in a professional manner. 

Did You Know!

It is immensely important to distinguish between the file container formats and compression formats, or media codecs. For instance, Mp4 is indicated as a container, and even holds numerous types of video compression, e:g MPEG-2 Part 2, MPEG-4 AVC, or HEVC, also audio (again could be compressed in a variety of formats) and even metadata (e:g subtitles). You can find a few media codecs that can be loaded in multiple different containers. Remember that containers are oftentimes referred to as file extensions, e:g Mp4, AVI, MOV, but even there can be different types of video within these media formats. 

How to Convert Mp4 to 3GP Online?

Our online Mp4 to 3GP converter is fair-way that requires only a couple of steps to proceed with respective video file conversions, let’s find:

Step 1:

  • Drag and drop or upload mp4 video file to convert it into 3GP mobile video format

Step 2:

  • Click on the “Convert” button

Step 3:

  • Once converted, save MP4 as 3GP now

You can queue multiple Mp4 files for batch processing with this online video Mp4 to 3GP converter online. 


How to convert Mp4 video to 3GP in VLC Player?

  1. From the given VLC Player menu bar, click on the Media > Convert/ Save [Shortcut: CTRL + R]
  2. You can see Media dialog box is opened. Hit Add button to simply browse the media files that you want to add. Then, tap on open
  3. Now, you need to leave the rest options as it is and simply make a click on the Convert/Save button or just tap enter button on your keyboard
  4. Very next, a dialog box has appeared with different conversion options. The options include: Convert, Display the output, Deinterlace, Profile, Dump raw input
  5. Now, you could choose a destination filename, the one that is converted and saved. Tap on the Browse, choose the preferred location, give a name, and tap on Save
  6. Very next, commence the conversion process by clicking on the Start button
  7. You can find that the file position timer of VLC begins to increase/move the same as a progress indicator. Once it reached the end, it means the conversion is completed
  8. Your converted media file will be saved

How to convert mp4 to 3gp for mobile?

Our online mp4 to 3gp converter takes a couple of seconds to turn Mp4 into 3GP on mobile, PC, and even on all operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux), etc. 

How to Convert MP4 file to 3GP without Losing Quality?

File quality is a very crucial factor that you people have to consider while choosing an Mp4 video to 3GP converter. Our online video converter is the ultimate option that preserves the original file quality while converting Mp4 videos to 3GP files.