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This Mobi to ePub converter functions for converting Mobipocket files to ePub eBooks without distorting the formatting. Create ePub from existing Mobi files swiftly with this online tool.

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You are just required to drag Mobi files and let this online Mobipocket to Epub converter quickly convert Mobi file to ePub format.

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Both Mobi and Epub eBooks are fully safe and secure as this converter automatically deletes your files from the server after conversions.

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Our online Mobi file to ePub converter is a powerful freeware source to proceed with Mobipocket eBooks to ePub conversion.

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Why Convert Mobi to Epub?

Both Mobi and Epub are well-known formats for regular eBook readers. These formats are most used by various eBook readers including Apple, Kindle, Sony, Google, and more.

You can find that Mobi eBook is a native format for Kindle devices, but it is not an open source file type, that’s why there are limited eReaders that support the Mobi file format. Well, you can simply need to convert Mobi files to ePub eBooks with the best Mobi to ePub converter online. Once converted, you can read your eBooks on non-Kindle devices or more Readers.

How to Convert Mobi to Epub Online?

Just follow these three steps for converting Mobi into ePub eBook online with the help of this free mobi to ePub converter.

Step 1:

  • Add Mobi eBook into the converter box that you want to convert to ePub

Step 2:

  • Click on a “Convert” to process Mobipocket to ePub conversion

Step 3:

  • Finally, click on the “Download” button to save Mobi as ePub

Thanks to our free Mobi to Epub converter online that intact original formatting while converting Mobipocket to ePub (Electronic Publication) for Readers.


Can I convert MOBI to EPUB?

Yes sure, our free Mobipocket to ePub converter online couple of seconds to convert Mobi to Electronic Publication (ePub) eBook format. 

Why are MOBI files larger than EPUB?

The size of a Mobi (Mobipocket) file seems surprising, especially compared to its counterpart ePub format. You can find that .mobi file loaded with large size as it is packed with several files (pages) within version for each Kindle-based format (Mobi7, kf8), and even the full copy of the source Epub (Electronic Publication) that is used to create it. 

How to Convert Mobi to EPUB with Calibre?

Step 1: Add downloaded Mobi eBooks to Calibre:

  • Just drag books to Calibre program or simply click on “Add” to swiftly load books. You can get books at the main interface of a program

Step 2: Convert Mobi to PDF:

  • At the top navigation bar, click on the “Convert books”
  • Then, you need to choose EPUB as the converted format, make a click on the “OK” button to convert Mobipocket file to EPUB
  • Now, a label is shown on the right bottom corner, it displays the eBook files conversion progress. Once your eBooks are converted, you can see that the JOB Counter returns to “Zero”

How to convert multiple Mobi eBooks to ePub files?

This online Mobi to ePub converter will convert multiple Mobi eBooks files simultaneously to ePub files that you can then fetch on any eReader device.

Can I convert MOBI to EPUB on Mac or Linux?

Our online Mobi to Epub converter works well with different Operating Systems (OS) including Windows, macOS, and Linux. Even one can export mobi as epub on iPhone, Android, or Tablets without any formatting disruption.

Let’s Wind-Up:

The Mobi file extension was developed by Mobipocket for eBook readers including (Kindle, Windows, Palm OS, Mobile, and more), PCs, and smartphones. Right after being bought from Amazon in 2005, no other eReaders except Kindle were capable to access (reading) Mobipcket files since the support for .mobi format was entirely discontinued (swapped) with the .azw format.

This is it becomes immensely important to convert mobi files to a more accessible format like ePUB which works well with a number of eReaders and software applications. In straightforward terms, you can now easily read mobi Kindle eBooks on other eReaders by converting them into ePub.