JPEG To BMP Converter

JPEG To BMP Converter

An online JPEG to BMP converter lets you convert the most popular JPG image format to BMP (Bitmap) image format. Try it now to turn JPEG into BMP in a secure way!

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Rapid Conversions

This web-based JPEG to Bitmap converter will make quality BMP (Bitmap) files from uploaded JPEGs within few simple steps that easy to understand.

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Fully Secured

Theonlineconverter highly maintains a secure environment, and even all the security measures are constantly adjusted for secure outcomes.

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This converter is a free service, so don’t fret, everyone can be able to use it for their JPEG to bitmap conversion without spending a single penny. 

Why Convert JPEG to BMP?

JPEG and BMP (Bitmap) both are well-known raster image formats for the photos. They both are typically used for storing and viewing images on Windows (OS) systems. But, sometimes, users may require images in Bitmap image formats rather than JPEG format, for convenience, they can convert JPEG to BMP using a free JPEG to BMP converter. 

How to Convert JPEG to BMP Online?

The use of an online JPEG to BMP converter supports unlimited conversions from JPEG to Bitmap image; follow these steps to convert instantly:

Step 1:

  • Click on the toolbox, then choose the JPEG image file to convert it into BMP, and simply drag & drop the JPEG file there

Step 2:

  • Press “Convert” and wait for a while until the converter complete the process

Step 3:

  • Download file now and Save JPEG as BMP to your system space


How do I convert a JPEG to a BMP in Microsoft Paint?

  • You ought to click on the Windows “Start” button and choose “All Programs”
  • Now, you have to make a click on the “Accessories” folder to expand
  • Then, click on the “Paint” option, there Microsoft Pain will be open
  • Next, tap on the “File”, and “Open” from the given top navigation menu
  • Simply navigate to and choose now the “JPEG” file to convert. You can find that your JPEG image file will open in the Paint
  • Now, click on the “File” and instantly click “Save As” from the given navigation menu
  • Very next, you have to choose the BMP (Bitmap) image file type from the “File Type” drop-down menu
  • Simply rename the file if (required) 
  • Click the “Save button” right now to save JPEG as BMP

How do I change a JPEG to a BMP file on my phone?

Our JPEG to BMP converter is compatible with every smart device (mobile, computer, laptop, tablet, etc), it allows you to change JPEG to BMP.