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An online EPS to PNG converter changes the format of your EPS file to a PNG while preserving the resolution of the converted images.

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Why Convert EPS to PNG?

The core reason behind .eps to .png conversion is their structures. The PNG raster images can be edited and easily accessible, while there are limited software or programs that open EPS vector images.  So, if such conversion is your preference, then you ought to commence using an online EPS file to PNG converter right now.

How to Convert EPS to PNG Online?

You can now convert your EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) vector to PNG raster file on one click with this online EPS to PNG converter. Let's stick with steps:

Step 1:

  • Upload or drop an EPS file from Computer, Google Drive, & Dropbox. Alternatively, you can add EPS file URL to save it as PNG image file

Step 2:

  • Press on the given 'Convert' button to convert vector EPS file to PNG

Step 3:

  • Save EPS as a PNG file by simply clicking on ''Download''


How to convert EPS to PNG on Mac?

Mac users open and view PDF files and images on Preview. Follow simple steps to convert your vector EPS file to a raster PNG file:

  1. Open your EPS file with Preview
  2. Click on ''File Export''
  3. Adjust resolution and choose PNG as a conversion format
  4. Press Save to convert EPS to PNG with Mac Preview

How to turn EPS into PNG on Adobe Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is the perfect source that comes with a couple of steps to convert vector EPS graphic file to a PNG raster image with transparent background.  The steps are quite simple:

  1. Open Adobe Photoshop
  2. Drag and drop EPS to Adobe
  3. Select size and resolution, then click on OK
  4. Choose PNG as the format and tick on the Transparency box
  5. Click Export and Save EPS as PNG in your output destination

How can I convert EPS to PNG in illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is also a reliable way to convert a vector EPS to a raster PNG file. Here are the easy steps to export EPS as PNG file:

  1. Run Adobe Illustrator
  2. Upload or Drag EPS file
  3. Move cursor to File and click on Export
  4. Choose PNG format as an output
  5. Finally, click on Export to save your converted PNG file

What's the difference between EPS and PNG?

A Portable Network Graphics does not lose data and comes with alpha transparency. In contrast, an Encapsulated PostScript is only opened and viewed in specific programs. Hence, if you want high-quality images, the PNG can be the feasible option. And, thanks to a free EPS to PNG converter that is designed to transform one or multiple EPS vector files into PNGs within no time.


No doubt that both EPS and PNG are indicated as well-known image file types and are even used for certain purposes. However, once you converted the EPS vector into a PNG file, it becomes accessible to a wide range of programs. So, account for our free version of EPS to PNG converter right now for such file transformation.