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This free online Word to Text Converter lets you convert your Microsoft Word documents to editable plain text (.txt) files without changing the format. It just requires you to go through 3 simple steps to perform the conversion.

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Word Vs Txt:

Word is the most popular application of Microsoft Office that contains text, images, tables, data, and charts etc. It can also have Rich Text Format (RTF) and HTML text too. Microsoft word file is easily accessible by all the operating systems. By using it you can easily create a letter, report, resume, store research work, and so on. 

On the other hand txt stands for text file that only contains plain text. Nearly all the applications, operating systems and smart devices support a text file because it does not have any typical formatting. Remember that It only contains the ASCII characters. 

Why Convert Word to Text?

The Text file is significantly more popular than MS Word because it is easily accessible by all the platforms and operating systems. Further, a text file covers less storage space as compared to the Word document. That’s why you should have to convert word to plain text file with the help of a Word to TXT Converter.

How to Convert Word to Text Online?

This Docx to Text converter provides you a straightforward way to convert word to txt notepad file within seconds. Stick to the following steps and let this converter export Word document as txt notepad file:

Step 1:

  • Firstly, you have to upload or drag/drop the files that you want to convert to a plain text files. 

Step 2:

  • After adding your files to the converter, hit the Convert button and wait for the conversion to take place. 

Step 3:

  • Press the Download Zip button and the converted files will be downloaded to your device storage.  


How do I open a .txt file in Word?

Check out the following steps:

  • Open a MS Word file and go into file.
  • Click on open.
  • A dialog box will appear.
  • Now select the .txt file that you want to open.
  • Click on open and your file will be opened in MS Word document. 

How to convert a Word file to TXT on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS?

You can use our doc to txt converter to easily convert word document to Text on Windows, Linux or Mac OS asit is completely accessible by all programs, devices, and OS.

Is Word a text file?

No, A word file is a rich text file which contains formatting, text, colors, images and it uses a combination of fonts, styles, paragraph styles while a text file contains only plain, unformatted text.

How do I save a Word document as a text file?

  • Open the word document that you wish to save as a text file.
  • Click on save as option form the file tab.
  • A dialog box will pop-up.
  • Choose the file type as plain text.
  • Click on save and your file will be saved as a plain text file.  

You could now easily convert .doc to .txt notepad text file with the help of our online Word to Text converter for free. 

Let’s Wind-Up:

Although there are different converters available online, still our Word to text converter works best as it facilitate you with single or even batch mode word to notepad txt file conversions for free.