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Use this online HTML converter that lets you convert files into accurate and precise quality HTML format. The great thing is that this HTML file converter allows you to process batch HTML conversions for free of cost. Just make a couple of taps to convert webpage to different compatible file formats without any disruption.

What is an HTML File?

An HTML packed with Hypertext Mark Language (HTML) that assists in formatting the structure of a webpage. Moreover, it is stored in a standard format and consists of different tags that entirely express the page layout and the content of the webpage that including tables, text, images, and hyperlinks. Keep in mind that HTML file format is mostly used online and simply displayed in web browsers. Moreover specifically, HTML is referred to as a universally accepted standard language in which Web-Pages are written. That’s why we designed a free HTML converter through which any file can convert to html code and vice versa without any quality distortion. 


In 1991, Tim Berners-Lee and other CERN engineers developed HTML for web browsers to interpret and display webpages. Since it was introduced, it comes into the picture for standard web development and even comes with multiple revisions that include:

The WHATWG which is an acronym for Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group works best to develop and advances HTML. This group was founded in 2004 and loaded with major browser developers such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Mozilla. 

How to Open an HTML File?

There are several programs that assist you to open HTML files:

For Windows:

For Mac:

For Linux:

For iOS:

For Android:

For Chrome OS:

If you don’t have an access to Html viewer, then simply try an online Html converter that converts basic text and other file types to HTML code within no time. 

How Does HTML Converter Online Work? 

Now you can convert file to HTML and vice versa within three simple and easy-to-follow steps offered by this Hypertext Markup Language converter. Let's find:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:


Can I edit HTML in Chrome?

All you need to make a right-click on the HTML file in the “Elements” tab and choose the “Edit as HTML” option, you can even make live editing for the markup of a webpage, once you are done editing, the Chrome will instant makes rendering.

How do I open an HTML file in Chrome?

  1. At first, you need to find the HTML code file that aims to view, then make a right-click on it, and simply select the Open with from the given menu. Here you will find a full list of applications that you can consider to proceed with your file. You can see that your default browser will be at the top of the given list
  2. Now, you simply have to choose the Google Chrome from the given list, and just view your file in the browser

Can I convert multiple HTML files?

Our online HTML converter allows you to convert a batch or multiple files to and from other compatible file formats. 

How do I run an HTML file?

Since all browsers allow you to run HTML files from your hard drive and you can open them instantly from your desktop.

Is it safe to convert the HTML formats using this free converter? 

Quit worrying as your converted and uploaded files are removed instantly and permanently from the server, once the conversion process has been done. 

What browser should I use to Convert HTML?

You can use any web-based browser to Convert HTML files such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari.