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Convert WebP pictures to PSD files quickly by using this free WebP to PSD converter online. You can now transform one or more webp files at once into editable PSD format.

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WebP (Web Pictures)

WebP, stands for "Web Picture," is a Google-developed image format designed to reduce image sizes for faster website loading. It maintains high quality and includes transparency support. Given its compatibility with many web browsers, WebP has gained popularity for web graphics and animations.

PSD (Photoshop Document)

PSD stands for 'Photoshop Document,' an Adobe format for optimizing image storage, featuring layers and text. This versatile format allows precise editing of image components. While specifically used in Adobe Photoshop, compatibility exists with other software, albeit with potential limitations.

How to convert WebP to PSD online?

  • Upload WebP images
  • Click on the 'Convert' button. 
  • Click 'Download' to save your WebP as PSD format.


Why would I need to convert WebP to PSD?

WebP is a format optimized for web use, while PSD is a format associated with more advanced editing and design capabilities. If you want to perform any detailed editing task using software like Adobe Photoshop then converting WebP to PSD format can be very useful there.

Do I need to download any software to use this converter?

No need to download & install any software to use this online converter. The only thing needed is a reliable internet connection to process conversion with this tool.

How do I convert WebP to PSD on macOS?

With this online WebP to PSD converter, you can effortlessly change your WebP images into PSD format on various operating systems like macOS, Windows, Android, and more. It's also versatile, working on devices like PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

Can I perform batch conversions using this tool?

Yes, this online converter supports batch conversion, allowing you to convert multiple WebP images into PSD file format.