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Use this online Txt to RTF converter that offers simplest way to transform the plain text to a RTF (rich text Format) document without any hassle of getting registered.

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TXT is a basic plain text file that does not support any sort of formatting. With the help of it you can store the data in the form of rows. Furthermore, all the programs and devices can easily access this format because it only contains ASCII characters.

In comparison with txt format a RTF (Rich Text Format) is more advanced and powerful. By Providing you the facility to format the text and to retain the formatting of the text it has become the most evident format to store the text data file.

Why Convert Text to RTF?

A plain text file that just contains simple text and can not retain any kind of formatting. RTF(Rich Text Format) is capable of holding the format of the fonts and this feature makes it the most desirable format for saving the text files. This is the most vital reason behind converting a plain text file to a RTF. Our best txt notepad to rtf converter is the most reliable way to turn text into RTF.

How to Convert Txt to RTF Online?

This online TXT to Rich Text Format Converter puts forward a couple of easy steps to transform your text files to RTF format.

Let's have a look on the Steps:

Step 1:

  • Simply, upload or drag/drop the txt files that you want to convert to RTF

Step 2:

  • Hit the convert button to turn txt into RTF

Step 3:

Click on the download button to get your converted RTF files from our txt to RTF converter


How to convert TXT to RTF on Windows, or Linux?

Simply convert TXT to Rich Text format on Windows, or Linux by using our online Text to RTF Converter as it is 100 % compatible with all the operating systems and modern devices.

What is the difference between a rich text document and text document?

The main difference between both of them is their features. Text format does not support any formatting and just contains the ASCII characters whether RTF supports ANSI, IBM PC and Mac character sets and is capable of formatting the text.

How to convert Text to RTF file on Mac OS?

Stick to the following steps:

  • Open the text file in the TextEdit App.
  • Choose the format>Make plain text or format>Make Rich Text. 

You can also use our simple Plain TXT to RTF Converter to convert Text to Rich Text format because it supports MAC OS without any hassle.

How do I save a notepad(.txt file) as RTF?

  • Open your .TXT file with Microsoft Word.
  • Click File>Save as.
  • A dialog box will pop-up.
  • Choose Rich Text Format and the desired location where you want to save your file.
  • Click on save and it will be saved as RTF.  

Let's Conculde:

A huge number of  converters are available out there but our free online txt to RTF converter provides you the flexibility to perform unlimited single or batch conversion without any restrictions.

Evidently, converting your text files to rtf is important and right txt to rich text format converter saves your time and effort. Our free online converter fulfils the criteria and goes a step further by providing you the feature of batch conversion without consuming any extra time.