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TEXT To JSON Converter

TEXT To JSON Converter

Our online Text to JSON converter is the best and most convenient way to convert txt files to JSON data files without changing formats. Now, you can save editable text files into JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) with the help of this txt to json converter. 

feature fast

Turn TXT into JSON Quickly

Our txt notepad to JSON converter fastest medium to perform conversions from a plain text file to JSON in a matter of seconds.

feature secure

Save Text as JSON Securely

Quit worrying, your uploaded (.txt) files and converted (.json) files are not accessible by anyone, your files are removed permanently once processed from our server.

feature free

Convert Txt to JSON Free

We allow you to convert Text files to JSON for free of cost, there are no limitations to the conversions process. Even it does not distort the formatting of the resultant file.

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