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An online MP3 to AAC converter comes with simple navigation to convert MP3 audio to AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) file format. Change your favorite Mp3 to high-quality AAC format with this converter.

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Why Convert MP3 to AAC?

Yes, both MP3 and AAC are referred to as the standard lossy compression formats for audio files. Well, the AAC audio format is authorized and intended format to act as the effective successor of MP3. It comes with better audio quality than MP3 and ensures better sound quality at very similar bit rates. However, Apple users always preferred to AAC format due to its quality audio streaming and it is the default audio format for both iPhone and iPod. If you people need to attain better audio, you just have to use AAC audio to appease your ears. Also, our free MP3 file to AAC converter online is the best way to convert your MP3 file to AAC audio quickly and losslessly. 

How to Convert MP3 to AAC Online?

An online MP3 to AAC converter gets your mp3 file converted to AAC format within three quick and convenient steps, let’s take a look:

Step 1:

  • Upload, add URL, or just drag and drop your MP3 audio file into the toolbox 

Step 2:

  • Press the “Convert”

Step 3:

  • Just make a single tap on the “Download” button to save MP3 as AAC within the blink of eyes

A free MP3 to AAC converter also assists you to perform batch conversion of your MP3 audio tracks to AAC files (if required). 


How to convert MP3 to AAC in iTunes on windows?

Convert Mp3 into ACC with iTunes on Windows:

  • First of all, open iTunes for Windows
  • Choose Edit > Preferences from the menu bar
  • Make a tap on the General tab, then simply click on the Import Settings button
  • Now, from the import Settings box, you have to choose AAC Encoder under Import using, then press OK
  • Very next, you just have to choose one or more MP3 audio files in your iTunes library, then choose File > Convert > Create AAC Version

Also, our free MP3 to AAC converter online comes with a user-friendly interface that swiftly converts MP3 files into quality AAC on (iPhone, Mac, iPod, iPad, Windows, Linux) anywhere you want!

How to convert MP3 to AAC in iTunes on mac?

  • At first, you simply need to open App Music for Mac
  • Now, choose the Music > Preferences
  • Tap on the Files > Import Settings
  • In the Import Using menu, you just need to choose AAC Encoder > click OK
  • Then, you need to select single or more MP3 files in your Apple Music library
  • At last, choose File Convert > Create AAC file Version

Let’s Conclude:

As compared to MP3, AAC lossy files are indicated best file types that provide the original information of a recording. Experts depicted that the files with AAC extension have a more effective algorithm for examining what listeners will and won’t hear. So, account with the best version of our MP3 to AAC converter to process with quality conversions.  

AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) file format specifically created to compile data in a way that only reduces the file size, but never deletes the original info. That’s the reason why .aac files retain more bits, in turn, reducing distortion or even unwanted artifacts.