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Give a try this online JPG to RAW converter that helps to convert single or (batch) JPG images to Raw (Camera Image) files.

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JPG Image to Raw Quickly

This free JPEG to Raw converter online assists you to convert your existing JPEG images to Raw camera files in a couple of clicks.

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JPEG file to Raw Image Safely

Don’t worry about the security of your images as we processed your images just for conversions and they are deleted automatically after conversion.

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Turn JPG into Raw For Free

Use of this JPG image to Raw converter provided you with the lossless quality Raw image file from your uploaded JPG/JPEG.

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Why Convert JPEG to Raw?

Both JPEG and RAW are referred to as the ideal image file formats that are always suitable for different artwork purposes. But whenever your work indulges with programs like Adobe Photoshop or Corel, then the JPEG image to Raw Camera file conversions may take place! If you’re prone to the same case, then you ought to use this free online JPEG to RAW converter that assists you to save JPEG as Raw camera file format.

How to Convert JPG to RAW Online?

Our free JPG to RAW converter only comes with three simple steps to convert one or more JPG images to Raw files. The steps are:

  • Add JPG or JPEG image files into tool section of this converter
  • Click Convert button
  • Download Raw camera image files at once by clicking the Download Zip file icon


How to turn JPEG into RAW on Android and iPhone?

It does not matter at all whether you are using Android or iPhone, or (Windows, Mac, Linux) operating systems, make use of this online JPG to RAW converter that takes a couple of seconds to proceed with particular conversions.

How long it takes to convert multiple JPG images to Raw?

This converter is specifically designed for batch images to raw files conversions, even if you added one or multiple images, this will take a couple of seconds to provide converted Raw images.