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An online Docx to ODT converter provides conversions from Word (Docx/Doc) to ODT (OpenDocument Text) files with professional quality. Save Doc as ODT (OpenOffice) within seconds with this tool.

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High-Speed Conversions

Few easy steps involve converting DOC to ODT with the assistance of our online Word to ODT converter, drag and drop Doc (Word) and get quality ODT format. 

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Documents Are Secure

We ensure you that both (Word and ODT) file documents are secure since they will be deleted from the source after conversions. 

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Free & Quality Conversions

We provide you with the free Docx to ODT conversions, the quality and layout will remain the same while converting Word file to ODT document with this tool. 

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Why Convert Doc to ODT?

No doubt that Word (.doc and .docx) and ODT have been designed to handle the same type of functionality. But the patent difference is that ODT is indicated as open-source and Word file types are not. However, Microsoft collects data while users using their program, while programs that are utilizing the ODT format typically do not. It clearly means that if you would prefer to keep what you are typing to yourself, then you ought to move to open-source programs. So, if you want to turn docx into ODT, then make use of our Word to ODT converter online for free. Remember that ODT (OpenDocument Text) extension is usable on any OS (Operating System) whereas Word (Doc or Docx) is only available on systems that use Microsoft Word. 

How to Convert Docx to ODT Online?

Our online Docx to ODT converter can readily save Word Docx/Doc as ODT for free without distorting the quality of the resultant file.

Step 1:

  • Drag and drop or upload Word (Doc/Docx) file to convert it into ODT online

Step 2:

  • Now, press the Convert button to convert Word to Openoffice

Step 3:

  • Finally, download the newly produced ODT (Openoffice) file to your storage

Note: Our online Word to Openoffice converter supports batch conversions while maintaining the original formatting. 


How to convert Doc to ODT on MS Word?

You can easily docx or doc to openoffice by using MS Word program, let’s take a look:

  • First of all, you have to open Word (Doc/docx) document file
  • Very next, move to File > Export
  • Then, tap on the “Change File Type” option
  • Now, there you have to choose the “OpenDocument Text” option and tap on “Save As”
  • Finally, type a file name and save Word document as ODT document on your desired location

Can I convert DOCX to ODT on Linux, Mac OS, or Android?

Just you need to use free Docx to ODT converter on any OS or Android to convert Word document to OpenDocument Text file. Our converter is compatible with all web-browser and even doesn’t require any software installation.