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Using this online 3GP converter lets you convert any existing file formats to and from 3GP format. The great thing is that now you can convert 3GP file to compatible file formats or vice versa by using any Operating System and device. 

What is the 3GP File Format?

A 3GP is indicated as a popular multimedia file container developed by Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). It specifically stores video and audio and is mainly used for transmitting video over the internet and simply saving videos on 3G mobile phones.

You could now convert a 3GP file to and from various formats in Windows, macOS, Linux, and any smart devices with our online 3GP videoclip converter. You can find that the 3GPP format is usually used in Mobile devices. It is noticed that the size of both video and audio components is significantly reduced in 3GP file format due to which users are able to share and store videos more comfortably.

More Information (3GPP):

A 3GPP is a well-known multimedia container format that is entirely dependent on the ISO media file format. This format is usually streamed by 3G mobile phones that support video capture, but even can be streamed on different 2G and 4G mobiles. 

The format stores video streams as:

The audio streams are as:

How to Open a 3GP File?

Give a try these programs that let you open 3GP files:

For Windows:

For Mac:

For Linux:

For iOS:

For Android:

Even you can start using an online 3gp video converter that lets you convert file to 3gp and vice versa for compatibility (opening) file concerns. 

How to convert a 3GP file?

You can now easily convert a 3GPP file to several formats in Windows, macOS, and Linux by using VideoLAN VLC media player, the process is too simple, let's find:

Apart from that, you can change 3GPP file format to a .MOV video file format in macOS by using QuickTime Players using File → Export As option. And for instant 3GP conversions, you can give a try to online 3GP file converter.

How does the 3GP converter online work? 

This online 3GP converter lets you perform conversions in a couple of seconds as it works online. The steps behind converting 3GPP file are:
Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:


Can I convert multiple 3GP files?

Yes, you can easily convert multiple/batch of 3GP files with the help of an online 3GP video converter for free of cost.

Is it safe to convert the 3GP file formats using this online video converter 3GP?

Our free 3GP converter online is 100% free from making 3GP file conversions, your files are never ever accessible by anyone, and delete permanently. 

Can iPhone play 3GP files?

Yes, the iPhone will support .3GP file streaming. You can find that .3gp format is handled by Quicktime, which is indicated as the only browser plug-in for video on the iPhone. 

Can VLC play 3GP files?

In technical terms, the 3GP files can be perfectly supported by VLC Media Player, which is even regarded as the default streamed format. 

What browser should I use to Convert convert to 3GP?

Our online 3GP converter supports all web-based browsers through which you can proceed with your 3GP video file conversions.