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This online 3GP converter lets you convert any existing file formats to and from 3GP format. Well, 3GP is indicated as a popular multimedia file container developed by Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). You could now convert a 3GP file to and from various formats in Windows, macOS, Linux, and any smart devices with our online 3GP videoclip converter. You can find that the 3GPP format is usually used in Mobile devices. It is noticed that the size of both video and audio components is significantly reduced in 3GP file format due to which users are able to share and store videos more comfortably. If you want to perform 3GP extension conversion to get rid of compatibility issues, our free 3GP file converter is the ultimate option for you. Although 3GP was specifically designed to use 3G capable devices, it also supported innumerable 2G and 4G devices. Well, account with our free 3GP converter online that does not require any installation and sign-up process for proceeding with 3GP conversions.