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This online DDS converter is a free way to perform DDS conversions, you can convert files to and from DDS (DirectDraw Surface) images within no time. There’s no need to install any additional software as this DDS file converter allows users to do DDS image conversions online.

What is a DDS File?

A DDS file is indicated as a raster image saved in the DirectDraw Surface (DDS), which is a container format. You can find that dds files are most probably used for texturing video game unit models. Even sometimes it is considered for storing photos and Windows desktop backgrounds. However, there are different online DDS converters that taken into account to convert DDS files within no time. 

How to Open a DDS File?

Give a try these programs that allow you to open DDS images:

For Windows:

For Mac:

For Linux:

For Android:

Besides that, you can now convert DDS files to compatible (regular) image formats for your ease with a help of a free DDS file converter online. 

How to Convert DDS Image File?

There are several image editors and viewers available including XnViewMP, ImageMagick, Apple Preview, and a free DDS converter online that can convert DDS images to other formats. 

For example, XnViewMP lets you converts DDS files to different formats including:

Moreover, you can swiftly convert and manipulate DDS images using ImageMagick through its command-line interface. 

How Does DDS Converter Online Work?

This DDS file converter offers a couple of steps to perform conversions. Let's find how:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:


How do I change a DDS texture file?

If you want to open and edit a DDS file using Photoshop, you ought to install the NVIDIA Texture Tools plugin.

  1. Download the NVIDIA Texture Tools plugin from the official source
  2. Now, you have to navigate to your download folder and run the NVIDIA Texture Tools installation file
  3. Then, you ought to complete the installation Wizard
  4. Very next, open Photoshop
  5. Now, simply Choose File > Open
  6. At last, find and choose your DDS file, then Choose Open

How to convert multiple DDS files?

Our free DDS converter lets you convert multiple DDS images at once without impacting the quality. 

Can Photoshop open DDS?

Yes, Photoshop does support DDS format and even assists to edit DDS images via the NVIDIA Texture Tools plug-in. 

Can Paint.NET open DDS?

Now, Paint.NET supports all DDS formats even including BC7 Linear and more.