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This online WPS converter allows you to convert any file to and from WPS (Microsoft Works) office file format. You can now make Microsoft works word processor conversions with the free WPS file converter online. You can now convert file to WPS quickly and safely with this free-to-use document converter. 

What is a WPS File?

A WPS file is a document format with Microsoft Works Word Processor,  a full-fledged word-processing application that is entirely included with the Microsoft Works productivity suite. Although it is packed with document elements that are similar to a Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx), still does not support advanced formatting options. Not only that, it does support macros that may be loaded within MS Word documents. Even now you can turn any file into Wps extension with the help of a free WPS converter online.

More Information:

In the late 1980s and 1990s, WPS Office files were specifically used for different types of documents including letters, essays, financial reports, newsletters, invitations, and resumes. However, in the 2000s, the usage of .wps document format decreases just because of the popularity of Microsoft Office and Word Doc files. But, now you can convert any word processor format into Wps (Microsoft Works) and vice versa by using a free Microsoft works converter.

And, in 2006, Microsoft ultimately discontinued the use of WPS format, and entirely replaced with the Word Doc format. Finally in 2009, the Micorsoft Works productivity suite were terminated with Works 9 and indicated as the final version. 

How to Open Microsoft Works Files?

Following programs works best for opening WPS files swiftly:

For Windows:

For Mac:

For Linux:

If you still don’t have a WPS viewer, then simply turn WPS format into a compatible document format with the free use of the best WPS converter. 

How Does the WPS Converter Work?

An online Microsoft works converter assists you with WPS files conversion within matter of seconds. You could easily convert file to Microsoft works word processor with following steps:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:


Can I convert multiple WPS files? 

Yes, you can convert WPS files in batch with the free assistance of an online WPS converter. 

How to download and install WPS office for free?

How do I transfer files from WPS office to a laptop?

Is WPS Office compatible with Microsoft Word?

In these days, you can find that Microsoft is not the only option for office software. The upside is that among different versions of Microsoft Office software, they all are highly compatible with WPS Office. Kept in mind that both Microsoft Office and WPS Office are widely used office software suite. Thus, theonlineconverter developed the best wps document converter for users to make WPS files conversions online. 

Is it safe to convert the WPS file using this free WPS converter? 

Yes, your files never shared to third party or even no once access them since they removed permanently from server source.

Can I open a WPS file in Word?

Yes, In Microsoft Word 2003 or latest, all you ought to select the “Works” file type when browsing for the particular file.

Can Google Docs open WPS files?

Fortunately, Google Docs does support WPS-type file format, hence it can open and convert such files.