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Our best RTF converter online lets you convert files to and from RTF files online for free. RTF is an acronym for Rich Text Format, it is indicated as a document file format that was introduced in 1987 and since now have been a lot of updates in this format. RTF document file format is most used for interchanging documents between Microsoft Products and other applications. No matter whatever the reason behind RTF file conversions, you could try our online RTF file converter for quick processing. RTF (Rich-Text) files are highly supported in different document process applications. But, few new versions of RTF may come with compatibility issues with older applications, here is where you need to use an RTF converter to make RTF file conversions. Remember that the latest version of CorelDRAW supports all versions of RTF files. The downside is that Microsoft discontinued the development of the RTF (Rich-Text) document in 2008, but this format is still widely supported via different apps on almost every operating system (OS).