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This online Word to PPT converter enables you to transform an existing Microsoft Word document to a Powerpoint slide with a minimal effort. While performing the MS Word file to pptx conversion, it does not affect the structure of the data.

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Word Vs Powerpoint:

Word is the most popular application from all the offerings of the Microsoft Office. It is used for creating large pieces of content, articles, reports, to record the information about a research, writing essays, speeches, business proposals and so on.

In contrast, Microsoft PowerPoint is a very powerful tool that enables any individual or company to create an effective visual representation of data. It uses a slide show method to present the data. By using it one can create an appealing presentation to grab the attention of the audience.  

Why Convert Word into PPT?

Generally, Microsoft Word is used to create the documents which contain data related to a specific niche but PowerPoint enables you to create a visual representation of data so you can use it in a meeting or presentation to elaborate each and every point efficiently with the help of the visuals along with a small amount of text. It makes the explanation easy for you. That’s why you should convert a MS Word to PowerPoint through a good Word to PPTX converter to make an effective presentation file.

How to Convert Word to PPT Online?

Our free online docx to ppt converter provides a convenient and precise way to convert Docx to PPTX in a matter of seconds. Let’s find the steps:

Step 1:

  • The first step is to upload or drag/drop the doc file that you want to convert to powerpoint with this MS Word to PPT converter online.

Step 2:

  • Click on the convert button and let our Word to PPT converter convert Docx to PPTX rapidly. 

Step 3:

  • Press the download button and the browser will download your converted PPT files from our Docx to PPTX Converter to your device storage. 

Also, you can now easily convert multiple docx files to PPT slides at once with this free to use Doc to PPT converter online. Say goodbye all those daunting installation processes and let this tool convert Word to PPTX immediately. 


How to Export a Word document in PowerPoint?

Just follow these steps:

  • Log into your Microsoft 365.
  • Open the Word file.
  • Go to file and choose>Export> Export to powerpoint presentation.
  • Select a theme that fits your topic.
  • Now select the export and you will have the document in the PPT format. 

This method is valid only for the web. If you want to do this with your installed Powerpoint program then you should have a look on the following steps:

  • Open the Powerpoint.
  • Go to insert and click on the object.
  • A Popup window will appear.
  • From this window select create from file and choose your word file.
  • Press ok and your file will be converted to powerpoint file.

Alternatively, you can easily use our free online word to Powerpoint converter to convert Word to PPTX format with a few clicks instead of going through this long process.

Can you Export Google Docs to PowerPoint?

Yes, you can do that by just following a few simple steps.

Let's have a look on the steps:

  • Open your Google docs.
  • Now from the file tab, click on download and select the output format.
  • That's all you will have your file in powerpoint format. 

Besides that, if your goals involves export word doc file as powerpoint, then consider a free doc to pptx converter online which lets you make quick transformation. 

How to convert DOCX file to PPT on Windows, Linux, Mac OS?

One can use our free online word to PPT converter on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS  to do the conversion because it is completely accessible on all operating systems and even all devices. 

How do I open a Word document in PowerPoint?

  • First of all open your word document and click on home.
  • Use styles to format the content, highlight the title you want to make heading 1 and highlight the text as heading 2. 
  • Save the file and close it.
  • Now open powerpoint, click home and create a new slide.
  • Choose slides from outline.
  • Search and choose the word file in the insert outline dialog box.
  • Click on insert and a new slide will be created for each heading 1.

How do I copy a table from Word to PowerPoint without changing formatting?

  • Click on the table and go to layout.
  • Select>Select Table.
  • From the home tab select the table.
  • In powerpoint select the slide on which you want to have the table.
  • Go to the home tab and click on paste. 


There are plenty of Docx to PPTX converters that anyone can use to convert doc to pptx but our free online Word to pptx converter provides you the premium results with an unbelievable speed without affecting the quality of your files. Upload MS Word (doc/docx) file into this MS Word to PowerPoint Converter and get the organized Microsoft Powerpoint (pptx) slides swiftly.